With the economy tanking and gas prices soaring, people are finding creative ways to get by. Here’s one from Craiglist

Hi, I am a single mom of 2 boys going through serious economic problems. I am offering the back side of my black toyota corolla 2004 to post your ad, I drive my car a lot, I work as a babysitter and drive the kids a lot to many different places, I go to school FDU your ad will be seen by many different people, I use my car for family trips, I live with my mom, dad, brother and my 2 kids, I drive many miles about 1hr to bring my kids to their dad on weekends, I drive so much on necessity that I thought maybe someone would like to post their ad on the back of my car.
just some info: my car goes to places in NJ like: Mahwah, Montclair, Garfield, Teaneck, Maywood, Perthamboy, New Brunswick, South river, to the lake via Route 80 exit 28, to the beach, my car goes to Canada at least 2 times a year.
my car drives on major routes like Turnpike, Parkway, route 4, 80, 17, 21, 3, 287, and to all these places I go my car parks on the street. Your ad will be visible because for sure no one will park behind me.
The ad can be any ad but not offensive ones.

How does she know no one will park behind her…?

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

27 replies on “Your Ad Here?”

  1. A Carolla? There isnt much ad space, unless you cover the rear windshield. And did she say how much it would cost to post your “bumper sticker” on her car?

  2. As opposed to that pig-eyed intellectually deficient current occupant of the White House?

  3. what? no chihuaha?
    wonder if she’ll plant a tree on 3 East for me.
    anyway, baristas, remember me and the sandwich board. i won’t cover any where near the miles this woman does but i’ll try to sit next to influential people on the 66 Decamp …roundtrip.

  4. Being paid to place ad on the rear windshield of your own personal car sounds kind of demeaning, if you ask me. Fortunately, during this economic downturn, there are plenty of ways to make some extra change without risking humiliation.

  5. “Hey complainerpuss….how do you find these things?”
    Why do you ask? Perhaps you plan on featuring this particular brand of work in an upcoming episode of your tv show? I for one would definitely tivo it.

  6. how do we know complainerpuss didn’t put that ad up himself and just likes to be around gassy people. he hangs with us, doesn’t he? $300? bring on the beans.

  7. can someone tell me–or give me a site-that shows how i make a link into a highlighted word like you’re doing here?

  8. During these tough economic times, I am offering my backside as a place to post your ad. I run and walk a lot (30-40 miles per week), through many towns in suburban Essex: West Orange, Montclair, Caldwell, Verona, Cedar Grove, to name a few. This fall, I am doing the NYC Marathon and will run through all 5 boroughs.
    What say you?

  9. I remember a few years ago, someone offered their lower back to be tattooed. Golden Palace bought it and tattooed a girls “tramp stamp” for 60k on ebay

  10. Pokey,
    Hilarious. I wonder if these two particular craigslist posters know about each other. Or are they just two ships passing (gas) in the night?

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