Officials are calling last week’s armed robbery at Bloomfield College a rare occurrence. The unlikely victims, two young men, were sitting on a campus bench on the night of August 21. Around 9:30 pm, a black male approached them, and revealed a silver gun. The students surrendered cell phones and $400 cash. Bloomfield Life reports:

…the suspect entered a red or maroon Mercury Cougar driven by a second man, Goul said. The victims, who were unharmed, offered no description of the driver.
The alleged robber is described as weighing 200 pounds, standing about 5’8”, with short hair, and wearing dark clothing and a black baseball cap.

The timing of the robbery has college officials nervous that parents of new students will think the campus may be dangerous. In a statement e-mailed to the faculty and staff the day after the incident, Bloomfield College President Richard Levao called it “deplorable” and pledged to increase safety on campus.

6 replies on “Bloomfield College Students Robbed At Gunpoint”

  1. It’s not as rare as one may think – it makes my blood boil that this is happening in Bloomfield which has changed so much since I was young. I hate to think what may have happened to the crime victims if they were walking around with light wallets.

  2. Yes, it’s odd to hear of college students who carry that much cash on them. Or it could be that someone is prevaricating.

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