Mista Barista got all of three days home from China before he was sent off to New Orleans to cover Hurricane Gustav. He sent this photo postcard from the Royal Sonesta Hotel in the French Quarter, press headquarters for covering the storm. Tomorrow is our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Hi, Honey! Here are the flowers I got you for our anniversary. I am leaving them in a hotel lobby for safekeeping for now, while I’m stuck on Gustav watch in deserted New Orleans.
(Sorry, it’s already dark and none of the pictures outside look like anything.)
photo: Amy Sancetta

Fingers crossed that the levees hold.

13 replies on “Happy Anniversary from the Royal Sonesta”

  1. Mazeltov (sp?)…AP is lucky to have Mista Barista,,Be Safe…..Congrats to both of you , many more.

  2. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Barista! Warren sure has a great sense of humor (love “your” flowers, Debbie!). Don & I have been married for 20 years (it seems like it went by in about 10 minutes!) on Wed.
    Keep safe Mista Barista!

  3. Mista Barista:
    You don’t need any oysters, since you’ve already got a pearl at home~
    (Someone we know found a pearl in her 1st French Quarter oyster order.)
    Good luck and take care of yourself.
    H.A., too!

  4. Happy anniversary, Barista & Mista Barista! I hope that New Orleans withstands the storm, and that you, Mista, are safe and sound.

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