This week’s DNC hoopla – sparked by the media-driven Clinton-Obamadrama seemed to rival last week’s Olympic coverage. And night after night, DNC rock stars, Michelle, Hillary, Bill, Al and Barack delivered a good rap. Michelle and Hill looked positively glam (Bobbi?), and sounded even better. Blustery Bill got annoyed at the thunderous applause which delayed his opening, a strong Al Gore preached the change gospel, but did Barack’s formidable speech steal the show? ….Now that IT’S OVER, tell us…

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Now, tell us do you think the DNC show won votes for BMO?

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  1. Hillary at last has an extremely flattering hairstyle (if one whose stiffness seems purposely designed to be resistant to Bill’s attempts to fondle it on the rare occasions he feels amorous within the strict confines of their marriage).
    But her unfortunately chosen orange pantsuit made her resemble nothing so much as an animated carrot. And I immediately thought of a similar “carrot from outer space,” played (in b/w, alas) by James Arness in “The Thing …From Another World.”

  2. I’m surprised there also isn’t a poll for the worst speech of the convention.
    My choice would be a tie between John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich. Kerry spoke with all the charm of Lurch the butler ruing that the tea silver had finger smudges all over it (and reminded me of Jeremy Irons in the most recent version of “Lolita”), Kucinich came off as a cross between one of the Keebler elves and Elmer Fudd. That anyone could have even considered this obvious nutter as potentially our President is scary in the extreme. It appeared more than once, too, that the podium from behind which he ranted at chin height was going to fall on top of him.

  3. Judging political speeches based on a person’s size rather than content might leave people with the idea that there is little else to challenge.

  4. I stayed up past my bedtime to watch Obama speak.
    I’m glad I did. He was terrific. He’ll certainly have my vote come November.
    It will be a relief to see the current administration leave office. Even if McCain, pulls this one out of the fire – cause the GOP is in very deep kaka right now, it will still be better than what we’ve got now.
    I am so looking forward to Obama’s next big speach in January.

  5. I too made a point to watch. I usually don’t bother since it all boils down to well-constructed, poll-driven BS. But I wanted to witness history in the making and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a truly awe inspiring experience and he is a remarkable speaker. And those kids and Michelle! They are going to make one fabulous First Family. To quote the Jersey Boys: Oh What a Night!

  6. I guess I should check my spelling before I post.
    To all of you BaristaVillians: Have a great holiday weekend! I’ll be all over the place on my wonderful red Trek 7.5FX this weekend. If you’re on your bike we’ll probably pass somewhere on Highland/Reservoir Rd/Mountain Ave(s)/Eagle Rock way/Francisco Ave/Fairview Ave./ I can’t wait !!

  7. As I’ve posted previously with regard to a certain laserlad, jerseygurl, it is the smallness of one’s heart that actuallu defines one’s stature. And there Dennis Kucinich is quite wanting for all his chirpy “waving Willie” type madness.
    That said, politically wee folk from Mussolini on down/up have always understood the importance of a properly sized podium. Kucinich clearly does not. That you apparently didn’t notice this yourself indicates just how challenged you are, jg lass, in your quest to establish yourself here as someone with all the depth and perceptiveness of Eleanor Clift.
    (But then, I sometimes do wonder if you simply post in hopes I’ll, as usual, refute you devastingly as I always do. Could that be? I hope not, since the truth is that I may no longer bother to do so, you’re really not much of a challenge.)

  8. Note to self: I must follow cathy’s lead and remember to ridicule McCain’s appearance during the RNC. How could Cindy roll in the hay with him?

  9. SirGadfly, the Dells “said” Oh, What A Night better and long before the Four Seasons did. (But when they did so it was hardly a celebration of the loss of virginity, which I sense Dennis Kucinich still awaits.) They were even from Obama’s homw city of Chicago.

  10. Cathar-
    You know so much of Bill and Hillary’s personal life that you can comment on when Bill strokes her hair. I didnt take you for a gossip queen, but im sure there are at least one or two men like you who read In touch Magazine.
    You cant deny that Obama is an intelligent (harvard grad) well spoken and expresses his views with conviction. He explained where he will get the money to fund his ideas. and your accusations that he cant speak without a teleprompter… lets compare this when Grandpa speaks next week

  11. And if you’re really going to follow my lead, Spots, you’ll also vote for McCain.
    Barring that, just continue sitting there with your tongue hanging out and I’m reasonably sure someone will come along soon and give you a nice doggie biscuit. Hold on to it, it’ll help with the teeth-gnashing come Election Day.

  12. I am sure that those taking offense to jokes about Kucinich’s stature have never, never joked about Limbaugh’s fatness or passed along a link to a picture of Bush making a chimp-like face!
    It ain’t beanbag, but at least we have the prospect of relatively better discourse from a McCain / Obama contest than that which we’ve been getting for a couple of decades now. Not necessarily great, but certainly better, all topped by the idea that either major candidate would be OK.

  13. I like the way the podium dissappeared into the floor after the speech. Very hi-tech.
    If anything, I think Obama promised a little bit too much. I mean, how the heck are we going to stop consuming Middle East oil in ten years? I would love to see this happen, but unless everybody starts riding their bicycles to work everday, it probably wont.
    It will be interesting to see what McCain’s response will be. I’m sure he will come out swinging too. I mean, he has to now.

  14. I don’t read “In Touch,” jimmytown. “People” and “The National Enquirer” are much more to my taste; you might even scan the latter yourself with profit, it’s usually very good on the peccadilloes of Southern politicians.
    But neither Harvard Law School nor a transfer’s degree from Columbia guarantees “wisdom.” (During the Vietnam war, many even thought that the presence of so many Harvard grads among LBJ’s advisers was in fact part of the problem there.) I also sense just a smidgeon of condescension in your observation (which seems rooted in surprise) that Obama is well spoken, as if you expect “them” to instead sound akin to the marblemouthed level of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Yes, Obama is well spoken, but that doesn’t surprise me even if it apparently did Joe Biden before he accepted the VP slot.
    Nor did I ever, anywhere, suspect that Obama can’t speak without recourse to a teleprompter. Are your eyes going, jimmy?
    And if one wishes to sound merely wild-eyed and out of emotional control, hrhppg, whyy, yes, then it is appropriate to indulge in all those half-jumps and arm-flailings from a chin-height podium. But otherwise……

  15. Speaking of riding bicycles to work. I’ve noticed NJT has installed a couple of bike racks at the Bloomfield Station.
    I’m tempted to cancel my parking permit, giving up to someone who actually needs it. After all, I’m only .5 miles from the station and am able bodied, so I should ride my other, not so nifty, 15 year old Trek to the station and do my bit to stem the accumulation of greenhouse gas.

  16. I’m nowhere near 72, jimmy. But are you in fact ageist? If so, that’s a terrible aspect to your character. Oh well, emotional shut-ins like yourself have to make do, I suppose.
    But allow me anyway to wish you a very happy and joyous feast of St. John the Baptist today.

  17. Ah, the racism. Can you smell the stench? Welcome back, Cathy. That white elitism that we’ve come to know and love.

  18. “I am sure that those taking offense to jokes about Kucinich’s stature have never, never joked about Limbaugh’s fatness or passed along a link to a picture of Bush making a chimp-like face!”
    No, but I have made fun of them being drug addicts. Is that the same?
    And even though Kucinich is a friend of a friend I make fun of him all the time. I love the idea of a Keebler Elf in politics.

  19. .. This just in: Prince Chunk may not actually weigh 44 pounds. He current owners say he’s really 22 pounds. We’ve been played!

  20. it’s spelled “smidgen.”
    Cathar is insufferable and this forum would be vastly improved if he’d once a week rather than once every 90 seconds. BUT he’s right about the Dells. They ruled, and the Four Seasons “oh what a night” was the lamest come-back hit ever, unless you count “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen. Lincoln Duncan is my name and that’s my story. (Jerry.)

  21. Mikey, it continues to amaze me, this all-encompassing dumbness of yours.
    Please, get out some this weekend. Toss a frisbee. Eat some Italian ice in a park. Swim. Keep your blood pressure down.
    And try to learn even just a little bit this fall about reading comprehension, there’s a good dullard.

  22. Kucinich, yeah he’s out there. But is he connected to the people and he get it right on what matters to the people the most.

  23. Cath-
    I wonder if you could handle yourself around other Intellects and elitists, or would they redicule your style. I am in fact ageist, as I feel that most of the elders are not in touch with the modern world. Especially the elderly politicians. Age doesnt come first, so I can’t say I prejudge someone on their age. However, if I feel that someone who cannot see that the world is flat, filled with horizontal collaberation- is usually old, and set in their ways

  24. Can’t wait to see McMoron’s speech. Hopefully he’ll refrain from doing things like calling his opponents “assholes”, “shitheads” and his wife a cunt.
    It’s obviously the decorum a cranky old pissbag like cathartic prefers.

  25. That you make fun of a friend of a friend, hrhppg, is probably accounted as bearable from one so wearisome as yourself under even half-passable circumstances. Especially by one clearly so alienating and in need of friends as Kucinich.
    “But is he connected to the people and he get it right…?” Mikey, it should not necessarily be your daily self-challenge to try and surpass yourself in mangling the English language.
    It is also, you betcha, “smidgeon.”

  26. Ohh anther lame attempt to insult me. Good luck – but I know you suffer from real estate envy as well as podium envy, nothing you say will have value to me. You wish you were me, and your post after post denying it will only serve to prove my point correct.
    Maybe you should hold a pen in one hand to distract from the constant drone of your blathering. Some people think it worked for Bob Dole’s arm injury.

  27. Dannyboor, once again your childish indulgence in profanity (including, most charmingly, the “c word” for, I assume, the edification of all the feminists out there) defines your sheer lack of class quite accurately.
    You’re welcome to thus keep displaying your callowness. But if you’d ever been in the armed forces, you’d have been shamed into relatively sweeter language. They have hardened would-b lifers of but 10 years active duty, danny, who’d quickly shame your curious attempts to establish yourself as a Maileresque verbal “tough guy” with their own much greater (and comparatively non-profane) verbal agility.
    SO yes, I much prefer decorum to the strangled efforts at an equivalent to masturbation you offer up here in a misguided effort to appear…well, what is it you wish to appear? Hip? Young and cuturally attuned? Simply noticed, sort of like Simple Simon?

  28. dannyboo, you should refrain from drinking the hard stuff in the morning. I hope that they delete your unnecessary and offensive post.

  29. I’m wondering why John Kerry isn’t on the list of speeches to vote for.
    I thought many of them were fantastic–Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton in particular. But I thought Kerry gave a hell of a speech, and I couldn’t help wondering: where was *this* guy in 2004?
    The passage in which he compared McCain the Senator to McCain the Candidate was damning. The passage on patriotism was very moving and, I thought, right on.

  30. I don’t wish I were thee, hrhppg. I merely wish thee upon dannyboor, he can whisper sweet obscene nothings into your cauliflowered ear to your heart’s content. Perhaps he can even enthrall you into ecstasy with his own wee equivalent to a “Kucinich.” You know, as one friend of a friend to another.
    But really, the reference to Bob Dole was a bit cruel, Unseemly, even. And to think how I always comparably refrain from delving into the probably quite complicated issue of how you came to be spawned out of a polluted stream and up into the bowels of Baristaville.

  31. Nothing I said about Dole was crule or unseemly, but again nice try. The pen was well known and discussed by his own camp many, many times.
    And your post above, really cathy – your want to be me and you have some kind of man crush on danny – who I’m sure doesn’t return the feelings. Do yourself a favor and take you own advice. Go outside, toss a frisbee and get an italian ice.
    And while you at it – put half the attention you put on my neighborhoods into your own. Try doing something positive instead of lingering around posting negative comments.

  32. Incidentally, what do you McCain supporters make of the fact he’s chosen Sarah Palin as his VP candidate–a first-term governor with only small-town local government experience prior to that?
    With all the clamor you guys have been making about Obama being too inexperienced for the job, I hope this pick makes your jaws drop on the floor. I don’t knock McCain for his advanced age (I knock him for other reasons), but it does make his VP pick that much more important.

  33. Not a Republican, but I am pretty sure those I was raised by would take a look at Palin’s profile and declare her “neat peeps” (Republican WASP-speak for a really good choice). Although they might take issue with her, the fisherwoman, marathoner, cutie-pie qualities would be a plus.
    Her attitude toward her youngest child warms my heart just a little, too.

  34. One thing that usually distinguishes us from lower animals is the remorseful realization that we may have gone too far. Especially in the use of language.
    I see no such acknowledgement yet from dannyboor. So if I ever had what you delicately call a “man crush” on him, hrhppg (actually, anyway, it’s referved for the likes of Lee Marvin and Lee Van Cleef), we are just SO over there. Thereby freeing him up for your own usage.
    (Worse, danny’s language got the endorsement of yet another poster. This just makes me yearn for the much politer style of jerseygurl. If this is rational political discourse from liberals, then the McCain ticket has the election well in hand. Including the “Hillary vote.”)
    The attention I put on “your neighborhoods,” hrhppg?” Your neighborhoods meaning your Bloods-like hegemonic turf? I thus guess from your use of the plural that you’re either a slumlord of some kind (in which event woe betide the wrath of Comrade laserboy!) or you sit around “the neighborhoods” in the manner Henny Youngman meant when he said his sife sat “around the house.” Either way makes you sound even more unpleasant than usual to me.
    Perhaps you and I, however, could toss a horseshoe around, I’m suspect you already use one as an orthotic.

  35. CAthar-
    The C word was a quote from McCain. click on the link or stand by your own ignorance and block out needed information to continue on this post.
    Sarah Palin is very good. She’s from Alaska, and hopefully she is not tied to Big Oil, because having someone who governs ANWR as his right hand (wo)man, may be a bad idea

  36. Don’t blame the messenger. As I said, McCain said those words.
    I don’t have any illusions that you’ll actually walk the walk and condemn McCain for saying those words as much as you do me simply for reporting them.
    Your life is a lie Stewie.
    Such tirades coming from a man whose fight has long been fought and who should turn his attentions to the more realistic battlegrounds of incontinence and walking up a flight of stairs without busting a hip resemble nothing more than the over exertion of a fish out of water trying desperately to suck water into it’s lungs but only succeeding in eliciting sympathy at it’s fruitless attempts to avoid the fate of the inevitability of death.
    You don’t need to argue here to convince yourself you’re still alive. Sit outside on your apartment balcony and prune your bushes or perhaps adopt the company of a dog that will give you the unconditional respect and attention that you so pathetically seek here.

  37. On Sarah Palin:
    “Palin is in the midst of a reasonably serious scandal in her home state. Her brother-in-law is a state trooper who is in the midst of an ugly custody battle with her sister. And she’s accused of getting the state police to fire him. Recently she was forced to admit that one of her aides had done this, though she insists she didn’t know.

  38. “Incidentally, what do you McCain supporters make of the fact he’s chosen Sarah Palin as his VP candidate–a first-term governor with only small-town local government experience prior to that?”
    I’m sure the McCain campaign would love it if Obama brings up their VICE Presidential candidate’s lack of experience on a continuing basis.

  39. >Kucinich, yeah he’s out there. But is he connected to the people and he get it right on what matters to the people the most.
    Edit: Kucinich, yeah he’s out there. But he is connected to the people and he gets it right on what matters to the people the most.

  40. There’s no excuse ever for using the “C” word. Using it to his own wife is indefensible. The fact that she’s still standing by his side after that makes me wonder even more about her.

  41. I’m surprised Ted Kennedy wasn’t a choice on your poll, Baristanet.
    I’ll never forget that speech.

  42. Quotes, jimmytown, generally come inside the marvelous contrivance of quotation marks.
    And don’t only affirm your own possible ignorance here by adding your “nihil obstat” to dannyboor’s unfortunate language. He was trying to show off, and he chose to do so by indulging a predilection for “dirty” words. If you can’t recognise such childishness for what it is, you’re beyond my help. No “information” was needed to, uh, understand his post save the infantile necessity to post to shock effect.

  43. I’m surprised Ted Kennedy wasn’t a choice on your poll, Baristanet.
    I’ll never forget that speech.

  44. My neighborhoods – where I and my family live and pay taxes. If you were to go outside you’d see your neighborhood. Try it – your cats will get by for a few minutes without you. I’m not a slum lord, just like I’m not a hooker (the other day’s insults you tossed my way). Keep making insulting assumptions about me. You only belittle yourself, and show just how jealous you are over wanting to be me.
    Thanks for your concern about my love life – but it is not needed. So you can stop the fantasizing about being me and having danny whisper in my ear, or dreaming of him picking you up along Rt. 3. There is no shame is an alternative lifestyle cathy, you should be more honest about what you want, maybe it will cease your constant need to spread bile.
    Oh, and you and I could never toss a horseshow around. Actually we’re part Italian, and we play bocchi most of the time. I suspect you’re like a vampire and once extended an invitation you become an unwanted invasion force. I’ll keep my family and our backyard games in our own backyard.

  45. Then, of course, the best line last night came from:
    Mr.Barney Smith, a voter from the Midwest who spoke just before Obama, and said something like, (I’ll paraphrase):
    ” I want government to put Barney Smith before Smith Barney.”

  46. So Cathar, tell me nothing. Tell me the importantance of the article, and post was about Dannyboo, and it is insignificant to address the fact that the word was spoken to a potential first lady, because he didnt like the makeup she “plastered on like a trollop”. It is more important for you to speak out on the lack of “quotation marks” than to address the real issue. Clearly, you are not participating, and may serve little purpose in this discussion. Grammar aside, answer the question.
    Your hero called his wife a “cunt”. As a man who is offended by that term, how do you stand?

  47. To my surprise, J Perlstein (I hope you’re sitting down and strapped in), even I appreciated Teddy’s speech. He truly seemed the unbowed old warrior and, while he might have been easily forgiven if his talk had focused on himself, he stressed the way forward and what was necessary to seize the day. (As he sees it.)
    But watching it, I also thought of all the waste and human wreckage the Kennedy family’s general tendency to debauchery and subsequent cover-ups has caused, and the waste seemed to me embodied in how much Ted Kennedy had always promised but how little he has ever really accomplished. Still, it was a nice way to acknowledge his personal fast-nearing twilight, and it will probably stand him in good stead as he hastens to meet his Maker.

  48. Of course, one can expect Cathar to mock short people, and simultaneously, defend the Crusaders and the Inquisition on Baristanet.

  49. Right of Center, you said: I’m sure the McCain campaign would love it if Obama brings up their VICE Presidential candidate’s lack of experience on a continuing basis.
    That wasn’t actually what I *asked*, though. McCain, the conservative media, and McCain supporters have all been yelping about Obama’s supposedly inadequate experience non-stop for months, citing it is the primary reason why he shouldn’t be president.
    Palin was city council member, and then mayor, of a town of a whopping 6500 people(!) until less than 2 years ago.
    If you folks actually care about experience as an issue (rather than just trotting it out as a strategic reason why you believe Obama shouldn’t win), then why on earth would you find Palin an acceptable VP to a relatively elderly presidential candidate?
    I can’t wait to see her debate Biden. Should be entertaining.

  50. And I just stand greatly dismayed, jimmytown, that you choose to repeat the offensive word by way of asserting your own delusions of “toughness.” Even while cloaking it in the shaky indeed defense of providing “context.” (Someplace like Vassar or Smith, you’d probably have been lynched right about now.)
    Et tu, jerseyurl? Laserboy, even? Quo vadis on this one?

  51. Just once it would be nice to come here and read the comments of mature, informed adults who differ in opinion but can carry on an intelligent thoughtful discussion.

  52. I have to say that these posts were more interesting than any of the speeches. That’s why Baristanet rocks!

  53. Short of heart and emotional stature, J Perlstein. Be sure to note that. It applies as well to the doleful but tall Kerry, who otherwise seems to suffer from Marfan’s Syndrome just as Lincoln may have, as to the hammy, crazed-acting Kucinich. (What was with all his pogoing from behind that ill-set podium?) And while I realize that in your local social set it may be fashionable to knock both the Inquisition and the Crusaders, I prefer to at least acknowledge the attempts at fsirness by modern historians….that you find this attempt of my own “bad” is no tribute to your own purported open-mindedness.
    (Where is “Right of Center” posting, KatebirdRex? If he/she is, an effusive “welcome back!”)

  54. Jesus, it’s like watching a train wreck that continues to pile up without any sign of ending. Although I must admit, watching you flounder is a rather entertaining precursor to the holiday weekend.
    Keep grasping at straws and avoiding explaining your own hypocrisy. That way you won’t ever have to face that which is so obvious to the rest of us.

  55. Do you recall, MellonBrush, that I once offered (after you vetoed my original, alcoholic suggestion) to get you a bottle of “hot” ginger ale from NC?
    I actually did buy two such with you in mind my last visit to the Piggly Wiggly in SC. Now I’m going to have to bring them up next time and make sure you get one. Enjoy your weekend, too, sir. (And I do mean “sir.”)

  56. Laserboy, that you trot out your dyslexia every now and then by way of excusing some of your postings does not necessarily make it a good excuse.
    More accuratey, you offer up malapropisms (from an 18th century play by Irishman Richard Brinsley Sheridan if that isn’t too elitist for you) most of the time. Coupled with agonizingly extensive, thoroughgoing dumbness.
    Also, people routinely triumph over dyslexia daily. You might wish to put some similar effort into your own situation. Enough, even, to distract you from the otherwise inevitable bludgeoning of language and rational thought you offer up via your posts here.

  57. I’m thinking a Baristanet softball game is definately in order. The conservatives vrs. the liberals. I volunteer to be permanent pitcher since I can’t run at all but still can throw.

  58. Aw Cathy, are you alittle cranky about McCain’s vp blunder. Isn’t that cute. Are going to stomp around like a little kid, i think so.

  59. MB,
    I think that’s a great idea…
    But, are there even 8 conservatives (with you as pitcher) who read b-net?
    I count cathar, Iceman, Mrs. M, and maybe Nellie?
    I guess I could play on both teams since I consider myself more of a pragmatic than a lib or con…

  60. Thank goodness you’re back from wherever you go to recharge, cathar. (the outer banks?) It’s been a lot of work keeping the ball in the air without your word machine chugging away. And you’ve even managed to summon lasertwerp and ((((rubbing eyes)))) Right of Center from his exile.

  61. You mean all that elitist bluster with no substance? Yes, the mad word processor is back. He is as intelligent as a dutiful automaton. I’m sure we can replace him with software.

  62. It’s good to hear from you too, walleroo. I “recharge,” such as it is, down SC way. (Only to feel sure that Columbia football’s fortunes will soon sap my strength again.) Where I saw several gators sunning themselves on creek banks, the ocean water temp was 88 and a dozen Gulf Coast oysters cost $6.95 at happy hour at my fave local dive (to be coupled with $3 glasses of Gruet sparkling wine from New Mexico, my equally fave “Champagne”).
    But the lasered one, I fear, is easy to summon. Like that “freedom school” famously did with Billy Jack, I think you just have to think of mikey and he pulls himself halfway up out of the sludge to belch nonsensically at the rest of us.
    While I’d welcome the return of ROC as much as anyone, I wonder if that one-time appearance last week was really him. I hope so but I’m still not sure.
    Enjoy your weekend, nonetheless, gentle, wise marsupial.
    MellonBrush, I like your suggestion. But the problem might be, even if you pitch for both sides as you so kindly volunteered, to find enough folks to publicly ID themselves as, gasp!!!!!, “conservatives.”
    Still, the thought of using mikey for both batting practice and as first base is tempting indeed.

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