Holy Kruggerrands! You heard how gold is the new tupperware -suburban gold parties are pre-empting the modern home food, lingerie, and gift sale get-togethers. It’s all about turning your old jewelry into cold cash, and a Baristaville business wants to get some of the action.
Tomorrow from noon-4pm, local gold goddess Katie Kufperschmid takes her show out of the living room and into the showroom of Lynne’s Nissan in Bloomfield.

She’ll be on hand to appraise and weigh gold cast-offs and give back cash. “It’s better than walking into a pawn shop,” says Stella Kelly at Lynne’s. They’re hoping you’ll trade in your bling at the dealership for the extra cash you might need to buy a new car. “We’re not going to corral people in and force them to buy a car, though,” says Kellly. Customers are free to take the money and run, or stay and car shop. Tell us if you go and get enough to finance a new car…

12 replies on “Bloomfield Dealership Goes For The Gold”

  1. Too bad the price of Gold is the lowest it’s been in months ( around $ 710/an oz. )
    If people were smart, they would wait, and maybe it will go back up to about $ 800 – $ 900 an oz., like it was just o month ago.
    Not a good time to sell..better to buy.

  2. Hansmeier, you cynic. Lighten up.We just thought this was funny…or a sad commentary on the economy. I drive a Toyota.

  3. way to jump on the new hot thing a month too late. im gussing u have a clost full of worthless beanie babies too. leave the trading of commodities to the professionals. like a pyramid scheme u are too far down the list to make any money from it

  4. Whoa, Big Time…..You know things are BIG BAD when folks have to hock old jewelry to raise the down payment or a low priced car. Where will they find the money to make the next 48 payments? Not good business sense!

  5. One 5 caret perfect diamond, uncut, flawless !
    Or, a down payment of a huge peace sign made from plastic, dipped in gold plate, on a big clunky “Gold
    ‘ chain.

  6. I think this is a Fantastic way to get rid of all that fugly gold jewelry everyone wears. Pour it into a nissan sentra and you’ll be rollin’ in style!

  7. With physical gold changing hands at up to 100 percent premium over spot, I’ll hold onto my fugly clunky gold necklaces thank you. Try buying a gold eagle nowadays…..with a spot price of $724 the actual coin costs no less than $1200. People I’m just saying…hold onto your bangles…

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