Who knew that you could get your block closed for Halloween? I didn’t, until I found a note in my mailbox earlier this week stating that my street, Hamilton Road, will be car-free from 4pm until 10 pm “to ensure,” the note said, “a safe night of trick or treating for the children in our neighborhood.”
Too bad for the safety of the kids in your neighborhood.
Also closed for Halloween night: Forest Avenue, between Glenridge Parkway and Cambridge Road.
Hamilton is a notoriously heavily-trafficked trick-or-treating street. Just remember the rules if you come enjoy our car-free Halloween paradise. Lights out on the porch means that there’s no candy left. And as far as I’m concerned, if the barricades are moved at 10 pm, that’s when lights go out.

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  1. MMM,
    Does one have to have a kid ‘in tow’ to get a margarita?
    What was your address again?
    Do you serve them with a pinch of dirt?

  2. Candy till 10PM ?
    Wow, they have a lot of candy needs to serve on Hamilton St.
    I’d be hitting the margaritas too.
    Good thing its a Friday night!

  3. I remember getting lateer night trick or treaters when I was still living at home. They were older kids from MSU and they were collecting canned food. I remember staying out late on the porch one year with a few cans and they showed up after our block had gone dark. I always wondered if they really did give the food to the food pantry or if they were just hungry and inventive college kids.

  4. I saw on the Watercooler that the “book house” on Montclair Ave. is not giving out books this year–maybe that block won’t be so mobbed this year. Or it will be mobbed with grumpy book-less kids and their parents.

  5. “Now, candy is dandy but liquor is quicker,
    (You can drink all the liquor down in Costa Rica),
    Ain’t nobody’s bidness but my own…”

    I will be the one dressed as Jose Cuervo. (No, not your long lost gardener, Jose Cuervo the tequila guy…)

  6. Midland Ave in GR shoulld be closed. The amount of foot traffic between Adams and Carteret is unbelievable. It’s packed in this neighborhood. Generally, lights go out before 9.

  7. Yeah, Midland is scary. Over the years, I creep down this road at 5 MPH on my way home from Blfd. train station. I live in that neighborhood,sort of. The kids are all over the place.

  8. We seem to get a ton of kids too – every year I pay 10% of my annual taxes for Halloween candy and still run out by 8:00. I swear I see kids trucked in and dropped off on the corner.
    Drinking and giving out candy are things to be done together I always believed.

  9. Last year, made the mistake with the “Please Take One” bowl of candy. This year, I’m forgoing it altogether and heading to a party. Cheers!

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