Just because Halloween will be over in a few hours, don’t suppress any desires to continue the masquerade. People and pets will have two more reasons to get in diguise:
Essex’s Canine Costume Halloween Parades: It rained (and blew) on last Saturday’s parades; both events are rescheduled for tomorrow. South Mountain Dog Park: register your pooch at 9:30am for the 10:15 am parade. Then do it again at Brookdale Dog Park: registration 1pm, parade starts 1:45pm. Win prizes for “Best In Costume.”
For the rest of you…don your best 16th century regalia, and get thee to Edgemont Park for Renaissance Middle School’s 2nd annual Renaissance Faire Fundraiser, Saturday from noon to 4pm. Family-friendly activities, demonstrations, and entertainment abound…

On the program: fencing demonstration, life-size chess match, juggling, and a traditional puppet show a la “Punch and Judy.” Middle school students perform dances and skits throughout the afternoon. Kids can participate in making mosaics, magic wands, costumes, and handicrafts of the era. Dress-up in elegant garb, be Lord and Lady, then have your souvenir photo taken at the period photo booth. A student art show/competition of posters with the theme “What Renaissance School Means To Me” will be on display. Live music!
Open to the public; admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children. In case of rain, the faire moves to the George Innes Annex, Montclair High School, Park St. Montclair. For more information, email MontclairFaire@hotmail.com
More weekend events, costumes not required, in Calendar.
— photo, humor.beecy.net

19 replies on “Tomorrow, More Dress-Up Ops”

  1. Best dog costume I’ve ever seen. Brilliant!
    We used to dress our dog up as a wizard with cloak and a cone hat.

  2. The natural dignity of animals really shouldn’t be “tinkered with” to make their keepers happy. They don’t know it’s All Hallows Eve, after all. nor would they care if they did, I’m guessing.

  3. Dignity, Cather? I think any semblance of dignity at this site was lost weeks ago. Perahps after election day, the toilet talk and cursing and humorless partisan bickering will cease, but for now, let me just say I am happy this election will be over soon.

  4. “…the toilet talk and cursing and humorless partisan bickering will cease…”
    Nah. But, yeah, I want it to be over, too.

  5. If I had ever dressed our dear, and sadly-departed Border Collie, Cayenne, in anything as patently ridiculous as some of these halloween costumes I have seen perpetrated on otherwise happy animals, she would have waited at least three weeks (Border Collies are sly), and then — seemingly out of nowhere — would have bit me in the hamstring. And I would have deserved it.

  6. Wow, fourth post in and the thread has transmogrified.
    I’m looking forward to the election. It seems like many posters are very passionate about their beliefs and promulgate them with veracity.
    Me, I’m glad I got a job and a house and some cats and a loving wife and my guitars and my garden and my 2 car garage and my almost new car and plenty of food and ….

  7. Our dog didn’t mind being dressed up for our photo shoots. He was well compensated for the temporary ‘indignity’. Most dogs thrive on attention and will put up with this kind of silliness with typical good humor.

  8. I’ve never thought of dogs as possessed of “good humor, MellonBrush. They seem more willing to bear something like a costume because of their emotional neediness.
    Whereas cats probably appreciate the idiocy of their human feeders dressing up to look even more foolish to them as usual.
    And I am not looking forward to the election. Nor do I think liberals promulgate their side with “veracity.” (Lasermikey? Hansi? Dannyboor? Jerseygurl? These are standards of accuracy? In which universe would that be?) Perhaps you meant vociferousness?

  9. i thought if you have an election lasting more than four hours, you’re supposed to call the doctor.

  10. “Most dogs thrive on attention and will put up with this kind of silliness with typical good humor.”
    And then get even…

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