Congrats to the GRAA Pee Wee Red Dog Varsity Football team who captured the Bergen County Junior Football League Championship on Sunday, November 16th, with an 18-13 victory over Northvale. The team of 3rd and 4th graders finished the season with a 9-1 record.
Kneeling (left to right) James Malik, Kieran Moran, Jimmy Hausman, Owen Fincher, Donavon Garrity, Tyler Liddy, Charlie Bagin, Liam McCann, Sean Callaghan, Tyler Grady, Chris Harris, Owen McKinney
Standing (left to right) Anthony Santigate, Max Auborn, Greg Olsen, Matt Myles, Coach Andrew Hood, Steven Topping, Owen Drexel, Christian DeMeola, Mark Nyhuis, Charlie DeLuca, Coach Joe Auborn, Quinlan Hood, Ryan Liddy, Coach Jim Grady, Billy Kelty, Ryan Swearer,
Coach James Malik.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

16 replies on “Kudos To Glen Ridge Pee Wee Football!”

  1. Glen Ridge winning a football championship? Maybe when these kids grow up GR will have a winning high school team

  2. walleroo,
    ok…I’ll split the difference with you…
    “Glen Ridge winning a football championship?” – unnecessary and unkind sarcasm.
    “Maybe when these kids grow up GR will have a winning high school team” – supportive for the most part..just a touch of a dig…

  3. I think this is a good thing. When I played football for Glen Ridge we didnt have a pee wee team. We had to play for montclair cobras to develop the skills needed to win championships. All in all the team sucked. starting these kids at an early age will set them up for the future

  4. They go by shoe size. Any age, as long as you can fit into a size 8. See that guy in the pic with the mustache? Small feet.

  5. It’s by grade….PeeWee’s are 3/4 grade, Juniors are 5/6 and Seniors are 7/8. Unfortunately GR doesn’t have Junior HS football so they keep playing for GRAA until they can play Freshman Football.
    Way to go guys!

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