cheyennechristmaselectionday.jpgMontclair Mom Dori Christmas voted at Hillside Elementary School yesterday, two of her kids in tow. “My other two went to vote with their daddy,” she said. “I told them this is part of history, and they need to see it. This way, they’ll know what we’re celebrating later.”

Her son, Chase, 8, and daughter Cheyenne, 6, had to be bribed away from the playground to go to the polls. But once there, they were psyched. Cheyenne didn’t mind going back to school on her day off. She smiled and laughed and explored the bake sale table with her brother.

In the lines at polling stations and up and down Bloomfield Avenue, the excitement was contagious. As Baristanet reported yesterday, horns honked, people waved their signs.

The owner from Aunt Jean’s Toys & Treats agreed, after the last few weeks, Montclair deserved some

Did you take your children to the polls?