Love gingerbread? Love sustainable green buildings? Well now you can combine your love of both –The Essex County Environmental center is sponsoring a Sustainable Homes & Habitats Gingerbread Contest, and the registration deadline is tomorrow, November 29th. You can whip up a delicious, completely edible gingerbread house and explore everything from rooftop gardens to solar panels at the same time. Click here! to learn how.

By the way, this reporter plans to enter a gingerbread house too, as a “non-professional adult.” There are several different categories, so third graders will be in a category with other school children, not the pastry chef from The Four Seasons. Me? I’m looking into molding marzipan into supporting beams that look like oak trunks. Have fun!

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  1. I was going to ask, Is there a person alive who would ever go to such an event? I guess I don’t have to.

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