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Write-in pie

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Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

35 replies on “You’ll Be My American Pie”

  1. My write in pie would be cookie pie–it’s like a chocolate chip cookie in a piecrust. Served ala mode it is sinful. I will be baking two tomorrow.

  2. I love write in pie. I am heading up to visit my mom on Cape Cod. Despite her slavic origins, she long ago adapted her baking recipes to include American holiday pies. In addition to Pumpkin, she will have her own creation which is an apple/fresh cranberry/ walnut pie that has full thick crusts top and bottom with a small bit of braiding around the rim.
    I hope everyone here has a lovely and safe holiday.

  3. It’s tough to top pumpkin pie with some whip cream on top.
    I wish all Baristavillians a safe and happy holiday!

  4. My write-in pie is my pear-cranberry with a lattice top. An ounce of bourbon makes it both tastier and truly American.

  5. And yes, I know, an ounce of bourbon usually makes anything taste better. (I find that drinking is always a great way to get through laserboy’s pitiably subliterate attempts at invective.)
    But the ounce above is specifically added to the filling, along with nutmeg, lemon juice, sugar and a soupcon of allspice. (Say, what is “allspice” anyway? Is it a real spice or just something dreamed up by McCormick’s?)

    I prefer pecan. (Maybe it’s my southern roots.) But pumpkin is a classic too.
    Happy T’giving to all!

  7. As soon as fall arrives, I start craving pumpkin pie. In fact, any pumpkin dessert will do. Last year, I made the Barefoot Contessa’s pumpkin banana tart – one of the best ever! This year, It’s pumpkin cream pie. Hell, I can eat pure pumpkin out of a can with a little sugar on top.

  8. I remember “write-in” pie when I was a kid growing up on the farm in southern Georgia.
    Nanna was always after me to “stop eating the write-ins before I even bake ’em.”
    And really, what kid doesn’t love a fistful of sugared write-ins?
    And if the Indians didn’t show the Pilgrims how to harvest the write-ins, where would we be?

  9. Gigi, last year when we hosted for the holiday, we made pumpkin creme brulee. Mmmmmm, killer!
    PLUS you get to use a blowtorch!!!

  10. To date, I haven’t tried write-in pie. I feel too bad thinking about all those little write-ins who had to die for the pie to be made. So I’ll stick to my pumpkin, thank you.

  11. I have one of those little butane torches for melting the sugared top of creme brulee (always use turbinado sugar, that’s the secret taught me by a waiter in an Italian restaurant, it burns better), Katebirdrex.
    And whenever I have it out, I am sorely tempted to char me a liberal or two.

  12. Baked Alaska!!! Icecream with merengue. Yum, Yum, Yum.
    Freshly prepared and served warm.
    With a nice glass of champers.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all… I have a 20lb frozen turkey defrosting on the bath as I type!!!!

  13. Sorry, but the only worthy pie is apple warmed with vanilla icecream! Perhaps I have too strong an opinion on this subject, but you all can have the lesser pies and save the apple for me!
    PS happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  14. Turbinado sugar, nice! Thanks, Cathar. I’ll try that the next time I feel like torching something. 🙂

  15. My mother always bought a coconut custard pie, which I loved as a kid. I haven’t had it in years, but I think I was the only one who ate it back then.

  16. I voted for apple, then immediately felt guilty that I had betrayed pumpkin.
    However, for summer, I am a tried and true strawberry-rhubarb.

  17. Yes, a bounteous, joyous Thanksgiving to all. That even makes, gulp, jersey gurl. Especially, however, to anyone who properly appreciates rhubarb, which I like “stewed” by itself.
    (And Katebirdrex, how’d you like Lori McKenna live?)

  18. I have to say I’m partial to pecan. Today somebody at work baked a pecan pie. I tried to wait until after lunch but it was going so quickly I had to whack off a hunk at 11 am. I am still trying to recover.
    A hearty thanksgiving wish to y’all. Godspeed to the Cape and back, jerseygurl. May you find southern cheer here in the chilly north, Kate and prof. Happy liberal torching, cathar. And best to all the Baristas, who make it all possible even when we’re being pains in the tuchus. See you on the other side of pie.

  19. My homemade chocolate pecan pie, containing an ounce or two of bourbon. Absolutely delicious.
    A happy and joyful Thanksgiving to all!

  20. Blueberry with a small little scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side and cool whip on the top crust ! Write in pie.

  21. Sandy, I heart blueberry pie! The one I picked up from the Walnut St. farmers market last week was 100%delish.

  22. I got mine at Geiger’s in Springfield on Mountain Ave. 1/2 mile over the Rt 22 bridge on your left. Dove Vanilla Ice Cream

  23. Gina’s has an absolutely delicious Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie so I thought of getting one today to bring to a friend.(Its unforgettable if you bake it some more and serve it with Vanilla Ice Cream) There was just too much traffic on Bloomfield Avenue from where I live so I decided that maybe one from Whole Foods in West Orange would be sufficient if they had any there. There was a guy behind the Bakery Counter singing, “Sweet Potato Pie!.. Sweet Potato Pie!… Sweet Potato Pie!…” as he smiled and handed me a huge chunk to try. It was sooooo delicious (just like a perfume). Then I saw that they had Sweet Potato-Pecan Pies, so I got one. The aroma in the car was so tempting that I got home and tried some. Fabulous…practically ALL pecans as if it were a brick wall where the pecans were bricks and the sweet potato were the mortar. By now, I have gluttonously devoured half (with glee) and I hope that I will find another (actually a few more) in the morning. I think is the BEST tasting Pumpkin flavored treat is Applegate Farm’s Pumpkin Ice Cream that they do for Thanksgiving…it tastes better than any haute cuisine/hand made Pumpkin and Nutmeg Ravioli from any Tuscan Hilltop Village…Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed day with love to all!

  24. My wife’s Apple Pie, fresh baked served warm with a slice of Cheddar Cheese on top. Followed by her Pecan pie

  25. Cheddah on Apple Pie is the, uh, err, ah, way to go.
    I remember watching Julia Child one evening, when she was trying to brown meringue, I believe, under her broiler, which wasn’t working for some reason. She pulls out this plumber’s blow torch — one of the old pot-shaped ones — and fires it up. It sounds like a 747 in the Holland Tunnel, and Julia looks into the camera, smiles, and says “This…is a serious instrument.”
    * * * * *
    Enjoy your Thanksgivings, everyone.

  26. Jerseygurl…enjoy the cape…I’d love to be there over the holidays.
    I want chocolate mousse pie with real whipped cream

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