This guy’s getting coal in his stocking.
David Drill, former president of Circle Systems Inc., an Easton, Pennsylvania refurbisher of high school football helmets, plead guilty yesterday in Newark on charges that he bribed school athletic directors and submitted faked invoices from “competitors” in order to win contracts. Many of the company’s customers were in New Jersey. Circle is also accused of cutting corners on helmet safety to save money. More here.
Still unknown is whether Circle’s refurbished helmets were worn by any players hurt or killed in football accidents.

7 replies on “Defrauding Schools on Football Helmets? That’s Really Not Nice”

  1. I had no idea that football helmets were “refurbished” or, even, in need of it!!! But, suppose it can be explained by the crack sound when heads meet heads!

  2. “Killed” (a reference?”)
    Deb is obviously wanting to fabricate another long line of condemning posts upon which she thrives.
    Nothing to defend in this guys actions, but is it really necessary for you to trade on a local tragedy in this way?
    There is nothing in the article about Montclair (or anyone specifically). And where did you get “Many of the company’s customers were in New Jersey.” That’s not in the article. Did you do some reporting or make that up?
    I suppose it’s good for a few more hits.

  3. “Still unknown is whether Circle’s refurbished helmets were worn by any players hurt or killed in football accidents. ”
    Reminds me of the messages on the bottom of the screen when you watch Fox News:
    “What did Obama know about Blagojevich?”

  4. Laugh all you want, Jimmytown. Actually, lots of things in your kitchen might kill you. That is why you should always place your knives and utensils pointy side down in the dishwasher. You’d be surprised at how many people impale themselves after slipping on a wet kitchen floor and landing atop an open dishwasher drawer. Ouch!

  5. I’d actually be quite happy were the Baristas to win some journalism awards for this site. (My only caveat there would be that the likes of walleroo, jerseygurl, NellonBrush, croiagusanam and so many others should also be invited onstage to accept, plus Phil Read and maybe the staff of the Montclair Times.)
    But this pokey, pointless sort of poaching is clearly not the way. Do the Baristas even understand what is involved in the “refurbishment” of helmets?

  6. Dog gummit!
    Do not take my name in vain, nor that of my sidekick lest you be reshaped by a tool. Gumby 20:7

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