A good source tells us that Montclair has canceled First Night fireworks due to the wind.

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  1. Damn. Well I guess I’ll still go up to the roof and see if the others are up there at midnight. The siena was going to be such a great vantage point.

  2. Lame! Makes me even gladder we stayed in. Well, I guess it’s better than burning the town down. Sorta.
    Are people even out first-nighting in this blistering cold wind? We were so miserable by the time we walked the 1 block home from Raymond’s at 7 p.m. that all we could do was huddle under blankets.

  3. I could have sworn I saw fireworks going off for several minutes shortly after midnight. I didn’t have that much to drink. Unless it was just another town.

  4. I braved the cold for first night and got in the circus and the magic show before the cold forced us home. There was nobody out there by 10 so even if they had the fireworks, it would have been a small crowd. High winds like that make fireworks too dangerous anyway. They made a good decision.

  5. I saw them last year from my apartment in The Siena. They were an impressive celebration of my recent move in. It was too cold to venture outside last night, and safety does trup all other concerns. A Happy New Year to all.

  6. NO FIREWORKS???? Guess Hartnett will privitize the First Night celebration next year. I hear the Grucci family wants to put in a bid.

  7. The line up was pedestrian (no Little Feat pun intended) and the weather was frigd.
    I prefered an evening with friends.

  8. Thanks to my 23 yr old music student Judi..(judi with an “i”,,ahh), the fireworks still went off around midnight!

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