Happy pre-New Year’s eve, fellow Baristavillians. We want to know and most of all, see, what you are doing for New Year’s Eve. Are you going to attend the Little Feat Concert, or some of the other unique and fun First Night activities? Whatever you do–even if you stay home–we want to see your photos. You can post them here in the set titled ‘Baristaville New Year’s Eve 2008’. AND there’s a contest, with the winner receiving a 2009 Baristanet Calendar created by moi, your Baristanet Photo Editor. The guidelines are pretty loose, but we’d love to see champagne in its many forms–bubbling over the top of a bottle, poured into a Dom Perignon champagne flute, nestled in a standing ice bucket. Colorful costumes and fetishes waved around gaily to attract the good spirits and ward off the bad–those make great contest entries too.

But wait – there’s more. I just discovered this second photo contest which is completely unrelated to Baristanet, but which has way cooler prizes: sackfuls of money. It’s the International Garden Photographer of the Year contest. The link is here and the deadline is January 31st, but with all our amazing local gardens, from Avis Campbell to Presby to Van Vleck to Branchbrook Park and more, why not go through your files and send in some of your favorite shots. Hey, you never know.

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  1. Good Lord! It’s New Year’s Eve already? Where the hell did I put my lampshade?
    * * * * *
    Best wishes to all for a prosperous and peaceful 2009. And, as we say on Baristanet, “Write if you get work.”*
    *Bob & Ray, sometime in the mid-twentieth century.

  2. Inside Montclair on Tv – 34 Update.
    Hi to all…Join me as I
    walk around town visiting our neighbors.
    The current episode of Inside Montclair features the following segments – We continue with our Holiday Dining in Montclair series, with a visit first to Church Street Kitchen, where Chef Joe prepares a uniques Elks cutlet entree ( part of their special Game menu )…we then move on to Gencarelli’s Cucina & Desert Lounge,seeing their Chef Joe, prepare a culinary treat.
    The show ends with a chat with Dr.Natasha Mathias, from Sparkles Dentistry for children, with important info about your child’s dental care.
    We also have Holiday Greetings from our neighbors thru out the show.
    Air time schedule ( note change ) Tues. Thurs. Sat. Sun.- 8pm.
    To see past segments of Inside Montclair, go to Youtube, type in Inside Montclair in the video search..and a few will pop up.
    I would like to thank all those that support the production of independently produced shows..and to wish all a very Happy & Safe New Year.
    Celebrating over 11 years airing on Tv – 34.
    Wayne Robbins producer / Host

  3. Conan, you ARE the man! I just adore your posts. They’re one of the reasons I come back to Baristanet. Have a wonderful time tonight and a great 2009.

  4. I’m going to Little Feat, but when I bought tickets on line it wasn’t clear there were three shows so I’m stuck with number one which starts at 8:50 – I’ll be with all the kids. At least I’ll be able to go to bed early. Who’s the dude with the tiara in the picture?

  5. It’s not champagne, properly, but allow me to recommend Gruet sparkling wines, from New Mexico of all darn places, for good bubbly tonight. (And every night, a resolution I made one New Year’s Eve and have kept for for years is simply to drink more sparkling wine.) Around $12 a bottle.
    Happy New Year to all, too, even as the clouds hovering over the world political scene suddenly seem to be darkening. (Never mind the Mideast, there are now even attempts now to build Islamist enclaves in Australia and good old Philadelphia.)
    Dare I suggest prayer and at least reflection as a possible means of recourse? Even while eating a peach?

  6. Cathar,
    Can you find Gruet locally? I usually shop at Shopper’s Vinyard or Bertellis or Amanti Vino. I usually buy Proseco.

  7. Lisabells, I know Shoppers Vineyard in Clifton carries it because I buy it there myself. Sometimes it’s even on sale. And I think Stew Leonard’s carries it too.
    Slainte! whichever wine or spirit you choose, too.

  8. I wish you all the best and happiest that can be, find it whatever seems darkest, and my favorite, dance like no one is watching.
    Happy New Year!
    “Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.” ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

  9. Happy New Year to All, and To All A Great Night!
    Staying home with wife. I made our dinner of Mashed Potatoes, Broiled Flounder, Cole Slaw, and Cherry Pie W/Vanilla Ice Cream, and served the wife !
    Very quiet on our street. You could hear a pin drop.
    2010. Sounds odd…

  10. The Iceman and his lovely bride wish all of the baristivallians(sp)a prosperous New Year for 2009.
    Sending special shout outs to Mrs M, Cathar, Conan, and my favorite adversary, Jerseygurl.

  11. As you get older you need more time to prepare for traumatic events, I’m sure Sandy knows it’s 2009, just wondering how it’s so close to 2010.
    I to am amazed by that date; I wonder what happened to the flying cars and other amazing things of the future as promised by Popular Mechanics back when.

  12. JG, haven’t you heard? The New Year’s Baby had to be replaced with a teenager paid union scale held in trust by his parents. Due to current labor laws and the sighting of a giant rat at the All Time Observatory, the substitution was deemed prudent to not incur large legal expenses.
    Here is the .

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