What was your big “get” this year? Were you surprised or satisfied? Was was your wish-list green or queen (or king)? Technology, cash or bling?
My sparkling new cookware set didn’t fit under the tree, nor did it land my husband in the doghouse, au contraire. Tell us about what you liked, your most unusual gift, or if you’re punishing yourself with more shopping today.
And let’s not forget about the family and the food. (We debuted a pumpkin bread pudding alongside homemade apple pie.) It’s your post-holiday open thread.

19 replies on “Ok, What D’Ya Get?”

  1. Get? For what?
    Oh, right– CHRISTMAS!!!!
    (Are we allowed to say it? Or perhaps we should just continue to go with “What did you get for HOLIDAY”? Can’t have non-Christians feeling left out….)
    Me? A beautiful SLR digicam.

  2. My best present – RIVER, the foster dog, whom I’ve had since 08/28/2008 was finally adopted!!!!
    He is living with a wonderful family in Livingston with 3 great kids, a big backyard, and lots of love, attention – and plenty of stern boundaries that he’ll need to keep him happy and safe!
    Woo Hoo!
    (plus my family has made new friends with this family – and as with the other dogs we’ve fostered/adopted, we will have ‘visitation’ privileges!)

  3. Peace on earth and good will toward mankind. The usual.
    We debuted Costco racks of Australian lamb, seared then quickly roasted with a crust of panko, grained mustard, and fresh herbs. Sauced them with a reduction of pan juice, sherry, and black currant preserves. We served that with a Gratin Dauphinois and an impudent (but baroque) Cotes du Rhone Premier Cru. Yum! And while I was talking with my daughter in California she asked me if I knew Ariane; she has been watching “Top Chef” and was curious if we had been there (which, of course, we have).
    But blmfldgirl might have gotten the best present — aside from River, of course.

  4. Heard out of the deep, deep blue Christmas Eve from 2 guys with whom I served in Nam, who’ve both been logging long stints in different VA hospitals. Picked them up Christmas morning, attended mass (you know, it’s a sort of religious ceremony, used to be associated with December 25 before the term “happy holidays” came into vogue) with them and then went to a diner. 2 hours of mutual congratulations that we’re all still here, however battered. Followed by some furiously quick toasting with Tullamore Dew of the departed in a parked car. Then we all headed off in 3 very different directions.
    That was pretty special, but the absolute best gift of the year was in late October, a well-attended reunion of several grade school classes. Since the last such get-together was 20 years ago, I doubt any of us will be alive for for more such functions. But it was wonderful.
    The Shakers were right, “simple gifts” are the best. Nothing that can be placed beneath a Christmas tree can match these two events. (Although my baked quail in a mustard-cherry sauce with pearl onions and rosemary comes close.)

  5. Hard to top Blmfldgirl’s gift but I guess not having to go back to work until Jan. 5 is the best present I got. I know it’ll all go so quickly, though, so I want to savor it. Lots of hookups with friends and family, visits to the movies, playtime with doggie, lots of running now that the ice is gone (yay!), reading books, watching court shows on TV (an indulgence of mine), anything but work!

  6. I asked for money, just money and it was almost as satisfying as opening gifts worth as much as the check. We had mashed potatoes and burnt stuffing, THANKS MOM! The meat-eaters had a turkey.

  7. The Iceman got the gift of sight…though not literally. My bride got me lasek surgery for Christmas. I actually had the surgery on 12/5 and my cornea’s are about 70 healed. It feels like a miracle to see without glasses. The colors are brighter and according to my wife…”you now can share your sexy blues eyes with the world”.
    Oh, and the Godiva truffles aint bad either.

  8. Ice…
    20 days and only 70%, is that normal?
    I’d love to get Lasik, but since lasers in the jungle scare me, lasers in my eyeballs send me runnin’……..

  9. Prof,
    Note that mine is Lasek..not Lasik. Due to my corneas being smaller than required for Lasik, I had to have a more complicated surgery called Lasek. Unfortunately, there is a longer healing process but the results will be worth it. There was no pain what so ever during the operation. The laser is on for 18 seconds,,,,seemed longer than that to me for sure.

  10. LasEk, huh?
    So that guy offering “2nd Eye Free” for LasAk, is a big fat liar!!!
    See? Baristanet saved my eyes!!
    No pain….
    I’d love to do it… The thought of waking up and seeing my lovely face first thing in the morning IS enticing…..
    Can I get my Insurance to pay for it?…. That’s the question.

  11. Lasik was my gift to myself for 2003. I had the surgery in January 2004, and with out question a great decision. I used the The Laser Eye Center or TLC. I woke up at 6:04 the next morning, how do I know the time, because I could see my wife’s alarm clock without squinting or reaching for my glasses. My vison went from 20/400 to 20/15 where it still is today, with no side effects.
    To me the most important research you can do, is to check the “redo” stats of the Doctor you choose. Industry average was around 4 per 100 in 2003 and my Doctor was at 1 per 100. Meaning rarely did he have people coming back in to get touched up. Good luck with your decision but I highly recommend it!

  12. Had PRK 2 yrs ago, was a great gift, took me 2 years to finally decide to do it. PRK because of the thickness of my corneas, longer healing process but well worth.
    Another priceless Christmas gift was my family and my husband’s family all here yesterday at my house for a Christmas Dinner. PRICELESS.

  13. The gifts I got never come under the tree..A loving husband, healthy, happy grown children, parents who are in good health and the best sisters and brothers anyone could ever ask for…there is not a material gift that could ever match that. I am both grateful and humbled by my riches.

  14. (Are we allowed to say it? Or perhaps we should just continue to go with “What did you get for HOLIDAY”? Can’t have non-Christians feeling left out….)

  15. Dane,
    Thursday was Christmas…so of course you would say Merry Christmas. If upon delivering that salutation, you received feigned liberal Montclair outrage, the proper response would have been to say “go F&ck yourself and have a happy new year”

  16. Iceman, not everyone celebrates Christmas. But it sure looks like you know that, and have strong feelings about those of us who don’t.

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