A mobile crime scene van as well as several Essex County Sheriff and Montclair Police vehicles are staked out at the intersection of South Mountain and Gates Avenues with lights flashing, and a police dog is sniffing the perimeter of houses in the area. We hear a house was robbed, although police at the scene won’t disclose any information. There’s no yellow tape and police have not stopped traffic in the area. We’ve got a call into local authorities and will update when information emerges.
Later, from the Montclair Police:

The scene on South Mountain was from a burglary and the K-9 was called to assist with tracking. One person was arrested for an unrelated warrant. The incident occurred during the daytime hours and the investigation is ongoing. Additional information will be released at a later time.

4 replies on “Police Dogs Sniffing Out Homes on South Mountain”

  1. I passed this scene earlier at about 2:45 PM. There were 4 police cars on the street and a police van in the driveway at that time. From the photo it looks like more vehicles showed up later.

  2. Okay, let’s analyze this!
    Someone was baking, the word got out and our fabulously fit police department was there eating home baked goodies!
    In times like these, DD can be expensive!

  3. BOLO for a light-complexioned male, about 5 feet, 180 pounds, brown coat, 6-point antlers, carrying a Perazzi 12-gauge shotgun, and muttering “it’s time Bambi fights back…”

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