Calling all single greenies, Blue Wavers, writers, artists, outdoorsy and creative types: First Night Montclair New Years Eve Meet-Up, which started as a mixing bowl for Sierra Club members, is now expanding the invitation.The more the merrier! Trailblazer Kath writes:

“Put down your pens, books, canvassing and hiking gear long enough to meet up for First Night in Montclair on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31.
When and Where: 6:30pm for early New Year’s Eve dinner at Leone’s, 19 South Park Street, Montclair. (Rose, owner at Leone’s, said she will take good care of us!)
Everyone is on their own and should bring cash to cover their dinner on a large group check. I’m keeping it simple! After dinner we will move on to the events and meet up again at midnight for the annual celebration. Purchase First Night buttons at 205 Claremont on New Years Eve or in advance, on line. and get more information!”

9 replies on “Single? Looking For A New Year’s Party In Baristaville?”

  1. kathy ann, who’s putting this together, is a friendly and warm person, so i think it will be a lot of fun for attendees. it also seems like a fun way for baristaville singles to meet up and mingle. are there any other good ways you know of for singles to meet up for new year’s eve, or any other time? there is so much great theatre, art, music and more in our area.
    my first date with my sweetheart was at a museum. that was a great first date. no pressure, so much to see, and in talking about the different exhibits you can learn a lot about each other.

  2. Normall, DH and I head out to Central Park for the Midnight Run but we–and our friends–are wimping out this year because the forecast calls for single digits. We’re attending a small party instead–indoors!

  3. What happened to:
    Meet-up, eat-up, and hook-up!
    Don’t waste the night wandering around town when you could be getting some action at home!

  4. I will be attending a fabulous party given by my favorite of all hosts and his gracious hostess. In exchange for a dinner out, he has promised us rousing games of quarters, chandaliers and @sshole again this year!
    Counting the minutes… 😉

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