How many reasons do you need not to travel over the river and through the woods to grandma’s – or anyone’s – house this year? Here are a few: big weather, big crowds, traffic jams, airport delays, the expense, the hassle. Many New Jerseyans are staying close to home this weekend.
If you challenge your inner road warrior and find yourself on the NJ Turnpike this Christmas eve, you can pick up free coffee and tea at all rest-stop restaurants and convenience stores between 9pm and 7am Christmas day. The same offer goes for New Year’s eve. Drive safely!
Has the hassle factor affected your holiday travel plans?

5 replies on “Travel Day. NOT?”

  1. Not affecting my travel plans but this damn ice is certainly affecting my running plans. I will run in almost any conditions: cold, snow, wind, rain, heat, but not ice. Walked the dog at 6 AM and it was treacherous.

  2. MM,
    Are you really one of those crazies I see out there running in the snow?
    Nuts, I tell ya, nuts.
    (Though they all have a great look of peace on their faces as they go by…)

  3. It took over four hours last night just to cross CT on 95. The traffic finally cleared up around New London at 8pm. The cats were crabby, the dog didn’t care and DH was remarkably calm and unfettered. There were a number of bad accidents so if you must drive, please be careful. We’re happy to be in New England for the holiday and we’ll be back for first night and Little Feat. Merry Christmas to all.

  4. Was your driver all frazzled? Usually all that tension can be contagious. Hopefully you had him roll up the back seat partition.

  5. It’s very icy outside. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.
    I saw two ‘runners’ at the Montclair Y this past Saturday morning. A couple, the male about 60, remarkable lean and fit looking and his youngish female companion also very fit looking. They were getting a tour of the cardio room and had obviously never been there before. I guess they decided not to run after Friday’s storm. I saw them again on Sunday morning and they were both smiling.
    Ahhhh the glories of a good cardio fix are hard to beat!

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