Convincing cities throughout the U.S. to go green is not as easy as it appears. There will always be resistance from skeptics who don‚Äôt believe in green house gases, as well as from those who fear change. Take for example DEC Green Corp., a Bronx based green company which manufactures “The Big Belly,” which is the world‚Äôs first and only solar powered compacting receptacle. BB is designed to reduce the need for the deployment of garbage trucks by as much as 70%.
Using a Big Belly means a municipality can reduce its carbon footprint by not having to run their trucks multiple times each day or week. The benefits include reduction in fuel emissions, less vehicular congestion and compacted trash occupies less space in our landfills. The Big Belly site links to a video report which appeared on The Discovery Channel (and many more media clips).
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  1. …. “The benefits include reduction in fuel emissions, less vehicular congestion….”
    The downside is the trash can manufacturers and workers go on unemployment, there is more crime in the streets, due to the unemployment of sanitation workers and their unit drivers, and more unemployment of workers at the land fill sites.
    Trash bag sales will go into the crapper as households will use hardly any more.
    Carting companies will close.
    (and) the cost of these newbie things will sky-rocket as soon as 70% of locations have them, and the cost will be billed to the property owners, directly, rather than in your property tax bill, and will rise yearly.
    It’s all a charade of false promises, similiar to vehicle engines VS weight. I have a 6 cyl, Jeep and a V-8 Lincoln.
    The Lincoln gets 30% better fuel mileage than the Jeep. DUH

  2. Maybe > Probably, but with Bigelow gone, I am skiddish about whom to take it to. How is DeCozen? Compass ? She goes terrific, smooth as satin, loads of power, one can hardly hear the motor and is totally problem free, but sucks more gas than my old old Corvette!
    The Town Car gets 17 MPG ’round town & 22 on the highway. The 6-Cyl Jeep gets 12 around town and 15 on the highway. Yet it goes like a terrified pussy cat.

  3. Sandy, I have a Jeep and did not like deCozen at all. I’ve been taking my Jeep to Bigelow Motors in Belleville for about 3 or 4 years and they’re always really great. Very nice and helpful.

  4. Violet…..Bigelow was fantastic….my entire family bought their Imperials there, for years. I hate to tell you…
    they are gone! Out of business
    .. closed last month. Property is 4-sale. 75 years in one place, one family owned, 3 generations.

  5. The owner was 92 & put in 7 hour days 5 days a week. The whole story made front page news on a Sunday Ledger, back in August

  6. I always had problems with Decozen. I take my jeep to either MAC Automotive on South Willow (most honest mechanic Ive ever known) Or SeaBreeze on Broad St in Bloomfield. Sea Breeze is good because the guys there also drive Wranglers, so they can do the work very quick

  7. I miss Bigelow. My family goes back 3 generations with them.
    Got flawless service there, long after warrantee expired. (and) we came there from South Orange ! Not exactly in their trade zone.

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