Eleven guitars have been stolen in a recent series of burglaries in three towns, Summit, Roselle Park and Montclair. The puzzling series of break-in turned especially violent this past week when masked intruders beat their victims up. From NJ.com:

The musical mayhem reached Union County Tuesday, when two towns reported guitar burglaries within hours of each other. In Roselle Park, a group of brazen thieves wearing ski masks entered an unlocked apartment occupied by five males and assaulted two of the residents by repeatedly hitting and kicking them, police said. By the time officers responded, $7,000 worth of guitars were gone, including a Schecter Diamond series, a Gretsch Tennessee Rose and a Gretsch Black Falcon. Police noted the group left behind other valuable electronics.

The Montclair police department is keeping an eye on Craigslist to see if any of thieves are stupid enough to be unloading the guitars there. Meanwhile, police in all the hit towns are trying to see if the victims had common online affiliations.
Looks like we need a real Guitar Hero to solve this one.

9 replies on “Montclair a Target in Guitar Theft Ring”

  1. Looks like we need a real Guitar Hero to solve this one.
    Jim Carrey is Ace Jonez, Guitar Detective.

  2. Perlstein had better hide his Rickenbacker. DH has been adding to his collection, maybe I should ask where he got them?

  3. Given the lengths that I must go to hide my Martin acoustic from the kids (lest the go all El Kabong on it or try to ride it down a snow covered hill), these guys don’t pose much of a threat.

  4. But how do they know that House A is sheltering an expensive guitar, and House B has no valuable instruments? These thefts took place over a fairly large area — several counties, anyway — and they were specifically after guitars. Sounds like an inside job to me — could it be through some group affiliation or music blog that they are identifying the owners of these models? I would be interested if anyone hears any follow up on this: I am guitarless right now, and I was looking on eBay, but maybe I will wait awhile…

  5. Conan,
    I have a couple of Taylors that I have been thinking of selling. An early 90’s 815C (jumbo) with florentine cutaway and a late 90’s 714CE with red cedar top and rosewood back and sides, doesn’t have expression system though.

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