The owners at Uptown restaurant in Upper Montclair (it’s a business district, not an indie town) are being rather secretive about the changes planned for the neo-euro-urban bistro. What’s in store? We know that they’re tweaking the menu, perhaps the decor, and the name. All will be revealed next week, following a two-night closing for an instant makeover. Meanwhile, Montclair Kids is blogging about the recent kiddie invasion at the family-friendly eatery.
Just in case owner Susan Pinkwater is still undecided as to what Uptown will be renamed, give her your suggestions in comments.

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  1. Instead of a cute name, maybe they should focus on coming up with a menu that is not duplicative of the same food already served in 15 different places in town.

  2. I like to go out to Montclair restuarants, and for some reason I never tried Uptown. There’s an Uptown in the city, and because they are totally different I decide not to go. Although there is a spice in the city too, and Ive been to the one in Montclair, so I guess I should try Uptown.
    Yup…. that’s a complete thought

  3. 1) “We’ve Got Stupidly-named Food”
    2) “You Can’t Afford to Eat Here”
    3) “Uppity Montclair Digestive Tract”
    4) “Snails & S—”
    5) “Neo-Euro-Urban-Food Costs More”
    6) “We Round Up”

  4. Wow, that’s a little harsh. I enjoyed lunch there, and thought the prices were in line with the local market; dinner was not so hot. But that’s fine, I’ll just go there for lunch.
    I guess they don’t want to go back to calling it Orion…..

  5. OK, OK, to be fair, my comment wasn’t directed solely at “Uptown” but at the vast majority of restaurants in Montclair and Upper Montclair. I mean, whatever happened to reasonably-priced good quality food. I am not interested in paying inflated prices for crappy food just because a restaurant’s owners are trying to capture some niche or set themselves apart. Make good food. Price it reasonably. You’ll have customers aplenty.

  6. Funny, I’ve walked by Uptown about a million times, and have never gone in. I think the decor is too slick. Something in my reptilian brain figures a place like that is going to charge a fortune for mediocre food, as so many places in town do.

  7. [portion of text deleted- violates Baristanet comment policy] Seriously, I would rather eat at Raymonds. , yea–its the old reliable—but just that. Great service, fresh yummy comfort food. Period. IN todays climate, people want to eat what they know will be good–not “take a chance” on something thats on the fence–iffy at best. Owning a restaurant on a whim is an affront to the people who are actually talented in culinary arts….

  8. The name was never good. But the prices are actually reasonable. The food is a bit iffy — I love the quinoa, the spaghetti squash dishes, and tuna burger. The fish entrees are mediocre, though.

  9. Went a few times–the food was pretty good; friend going with me whined that the portions were too small for the price despite an attempt at NYC-ish presentation.
    What will it be next?Mo-ho Cafe?

  10. Has anyone been to the new place that is listed on the food page called The Kitchen Table? It’s in Nutley and the menu and prices looked really good, maybe we should venture outside of Montclair once in a while. I’ll report back.

  11. That Kitchen Table place was formerly At The Market…I always thought that little area of Nutley was “Montclair-ish” when I lived over there years ago, very cute little spaces. We had gotten fresh pasta there one to bring home, and the owner gave us a free loaf of Balthazar bread, which I thought was nice. Papillion was also reverted to “Black Market”. That owner also owns the restaurant a few doors down (couldnt get reservations for 3—only for parties of 6 and more! WE left when we found my aunt would have to stand and wait on her birthday)–had a great cafe on Franklin avenue-accross from Terazza–that place was awesome before it changed hands…..yum

  12. good food reasonable prices, try Farm to Bistro in Nutley,
    Franklin Ave. the sunflower encrusted chicken is delish. always enjoy the food there.
    it’s fresh good quality food, reasonably priced.

  13. ….El Bandido in Orange~~~~YIIIII sooo good and fresh!!!! I miss the one in Fairfield. AS crazy as it may sound—the Tick Tock’s food is always super fresh–since they do turn a lot of product—and its super recession friendly

  14. Screw the eatery, we need a nice bar were they have standup comedians and Merlot specials!
    I think Montclair has plenty of places to dine. Unfortunately, many will end up closing their doors in this economy, so we need a place to come together, drink and have a few laughs! Perhaps I can get Sandra Bernhardt for opening night!
    Yeah, wishingful thinking…we’ll end up with another bad place to eat with nasty servers, and bitchie patrons (the food critics of Montclair)!
    God I need asprin!

  15. its a BAAAAD sign when a place has to “retool” after barely a year in. There are many people in town that think a few dollars can make them a “designer” or an expert on “food” or a “fashion authority”—but the people with the real talent remain unsung. *sigh*
    WE will see how the real talent will remain after the dust settles. The people with a real taste level, a true sense of customer service, and a real community spirit will survive!

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