DanZanes.pngGeorgette at MontclairKids was psyched to score an interview with Grammy-winning kid musician Dan Zanes this week. Zanes gives a sneak peak into his show (a rapper! a tap dancer!) and reveals why he has a soft spot for Montclair.

Will you take your kids to Sunday’s Dan Zane’s concert to benefit the Montclair Community Pre-K?
Come on, he’s pretty good.

Read more at Montclair Kids.

11 replies on “Dan Zanes Reveals Why He Loves Baristaville”

  1. We’ll be there! We are beginning to feel like Zanne’s groupies! It is so nice to be able to see him without traveling into NYC or all over the state!
    Great activity for a winter Sunday!

  2. I am Dan Zanes (according to MellonBrush).
    Seriously, there is something oddly magnetic about his particular combination of good looks and seemingly good natured and disarmingly clownish style.

  3. Okay, see, if I wanted to read MontclairKids (which I don’t) I would just go read MontclairKids (which, did I mention? I don’t). Am I the only one bothered by the recent trend of blatant blog-spam on this site?

  4. Dan(Walleroo),
    What kind of guitar you got there?
    It sort of looks like a retro, Fender, Jaguar, but has a funny headstock. You haven’t started playing Fernandes axes have you? Love the sunburst finish, very cool. You need to take it easy with the hair gel though, maybe go with a little ‘just for men’ too.
    Ha ha!

  5. I think the Prof has a crush on Zanes too. Check out the number of times he’s posted under Zanes threads.
    As far as obsessions go, it’s pretty innocuous. But, Prof, if I were you – and thank God I’m not – I’d give the Zanes thing a rest.
    Bearded Wonder, Bearded Wonder, Bearded Wonder…
    You talking about snatch or coolzine .. doofus!

  6. I prefer motor oil, Mellon–it gives my hair a nice coloring, and the greasemonkey smell makes the girls go wild!
    My guitar is made of what’s thought to be the dessicated body Nefertiti, who had a very long neck apparently.
    I also have a crush on the prof, that sexy beast. That doesn’t mean I’m gay, though. Anyway, can you keep this between us?

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