Christian_McBride_photo.jpgWith such a huge talent pool in Baristaville, we ofen feel a connection to local actors and musicians who entertain us. This Saturday at Tierneys, and next Friday night at SOPAC, you can find your groove with some familiar Montclair faces.
Grammy award winning jazz bassist Christian McBride (above) performs a night of jazz improv at SOPAC “A Christian McBride Situation” next Friday, Mar 6 at 8 p.m. He’ll be accompanied by Ron Blake (saxophone), David Gilmore (guitar), and DJ Logic on turntables. We have two pairs of tickets to give away to McBride’s performance. Just ask nicely…and quickly, here.

Update: Christian McBride freebies have been politely claimed!

Tomorrow night, there’s local talent playing upstairs at Tierneys. The Bloomingfields are David Rieth-guitar and vocals, Janet Donofrio-vocals, Brendan Mee-bass, John Packel-drums, Andy Day-guitars, Ken Kurson-keyboards. They start at 9pm this Saturday night 2/28. Also performing is Angels Garage. Angels Garage is Christine Kelly, vocals; Fabio Giron, guitar; John Whipple, trumpet; Angel Kenney, percussion; John Poglinco, bass; and Dave Cushing, drums.
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2 replies on “I Know Those Guys On Stage!”

  1. Thanks to the Barista and SOPAC for the tickets to last nights show. Both Mr and Mrs enjoyed the show and our first trip to SOPAC.
    The Julliard Jazz Ensemble opened the show with some very good jazz. The trumpet player Matthew Jodrell was outstanding.
    The Chistian McBride’s “situation” was really something. It was all improv. We were concerned at first because the first song was rather, how do I say it, experimental. But with improv it takes a bit of time for the spark to get the fire burning, and they quickly hit their groove. It went from jazzy, to funky, to groovy. The presence of James Brown could be felt in many of the songs towards the end of the set. They also played a version of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” for the finale while pulling up members of the audience to dance and groove on stage. Amazing musicians! Christian McBride is just so gifted. I’ve never seen anyone play a base like that. Great show!!!

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