PWRconcert.jpgAs you probably know, Parents Who Rock threw a kids’ concert last weekend at Montclair High School to raise money for the nationwide, locally based Little Kids Rock organization. Even though there were three concerts on that day, PWR’s concert was packed. PWR diva Alma Schneider says, “Turnout was huge–around 300 people. Kids were running and dancing around the entire auditorium. We had a healthy kid’s cafe, and Mama Doni was like the Pied Piper with a long line of kids following her around yelling, ‘Oy vey!’

She reports they raised $5,000.

To help them reach their donation goals, PWR is throwing another adults-only concert tonight at Diva Lounge. This one is called Grandparents Who Rock.

Headliners will be local singers Jane Susswein, The Schuchinskis, Jim
Steiner and others. There will be an auction during the show from 7
p.m. to 10 p.m. It’s $10 at the dor with all proceeds going directly to
Little Kids Rock, which helps put more music into Montclair Public

Another local band–also affiliated with Parents Who Rock, The Bloomingfields, will be playing tonight at Tierneys, as reported on Baristanet. I love them. The Bloomingfields are my wonderful next door neighbors who are kind enough to snowblow my sidewalk. Plus, Janet and David rock. I hear them practicing several times a week in their basement.

What are you doing this weekend?