lost.jpgLast night, Thursday, I went to the evening tour of Rand while everyone else was watching The Office. My advice is to go to the morning tours if you can. You get a much better view of the school and how it works when the kids are actually there.

So I think Rand had a lot of positive things going for it. But did I get as emotionally attached to it as I did to Northeast? No. Does it mean that if my kid has to go to Rand, I’ll be one of the crazed parents at the Board of Ed fighting for the switch? No.

Rand isn’t my first choice, though, and I’m all caught up in the process. It’s kind of like getting caught up in the first season of Lost–Montclair’s school choice process is just as wacky, but not nearly as fun.


This morning, Friday, I toured Nishuane. Nishuane has eight kindergartens, which turns some people off, but the school only goes to second grade, a plus in my book. I know it’s still early, and we haven’t finished touring, but I think it may be our first choice.  According to everyone in town, this is good, because if you pick it, you’re getting it.  Nishuane happens to be the school people get when they don’t get their first choice, due to it’s size. So if you like it, you’re in.  What sold it for me, was the huge arts program, the performances the children put on, and all the extra activities they offer. I think my daughter will excel there.

This whole process has me going back and forth. I’m staying up at nights thinking about whether we will get what we want.  Every day I’m talking to parents giving me their advice and tips on how to beat the system. It’s making me crazy.  I’m not the only one.  There is a ton of talk on the Montclair Watercooler.

 How are your tours going?  Are you losing your mind too?

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