thechoice_main2.pngI’m having a hard enough time thinking about my little girl starting kindergarten in September, so I know I will be a wreck when she is old enough to start applying to colleges.

If you have a college-bound teen and the admission process has you confused, there is a place to get help.  The Choice, a NY Times blog, offers answers to all your questions about admissions, financial aid, trends and other news from the admissions world.

Tommorrow is the day when most admission decisions arrive in the mail. Whether you are elated or disappointed with the news, you will have questions about what to do next. Beginning April 6, The Choice will have a panel of experts available to help you going forward. 

Getting help with the difficult and anxiety-inducing process of college admissions is great. Now if only they could help you come to terms with your kid leaving for college.

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