Monica Paul, whose life was cut tragically short last June, would have turned 32 tomorrow. Tonight, Monica’s mother Joanne will speak at the Montclair Fire Headquarters, 1 Pine Street, about her family’s efforts to enact “Monica’s Law,” which would strength protections against domestic violence.
Whether or not you go to tonight’s meeting, take time to stop by the Monica Paul website to appreciate what she meant to her friends and family.

Family meant a lot to her. Her and her children were always at family gatherings; whether it was for barbecues in Greg’s backyard, birthday parties, or graduation she was there without fail with a smile on her face and two children on her arms. Monica was always there.
Her eclectic sense of food introduced her family to worlds they only experienced through her. Monica was always known for her sweet potato pie and her oxtails. That was always one of the highlights of family functions, “What’s Monica going to cook?”

Monica grew up on Maple Avenue and graduated from Montclair High School in 1995. Lawyers for Kenneth Duckett, who is accused of murdering her, has asked for the murder charge to be changed to manslaughter.

2 replies on “Remembering Monica Paul”

  1. I hate that such an easily abusable law is being packaged in this tragedy. It’s very hard to have a logical debate with someone about it when such a horrible event is the supposed basis for its creation.
    Lawyers for Kenneth Duckett… has asked for the murder charge to be changed to manslaughter.
    I hope those lawyers gets laughed out of the court. I understand the concept of due process and all that, but changing murder in the first to manslaughter??? I’d love to hear the logic the lawyer presents for that.

  2. I’m with you, GNM. Sometimes, after reading things like this, I wish that the defense lawyers could share a cell with the perp.
    Look at those beautiful children and their mom and then think of the evil that is Kenneth Duckett. So sad.

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