It almost didn’t matter what you were doing over the weekend. It was all good. Whether you were catching an 18″ trout in the Verona Park Lake like George Sadiv of Clifton, eating French toast outside at Raymond’s, playing Scrabble on your deck, gazing at the cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park or part of the mob Modern Yarn’s going-out-of-business sale, it was fun to be out. Well, maybe not for everybody. But it almost felt like some big movie director had hired a cast of thousands to ride skateboards, strum guitars, shop, roam, dine and otherwise populate what we hadn’t even realized until just this weekend had been a ghost town since late November.

cherry blossoms.jpg
Branch Brook Park’s vaunted cherry blossoms were in full display. Photo by Michael Reitman. Verona Park Lake gets stocked again on Wednesday.

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  1. And to anyone with a New England background, today is Patriot’s Day and the running of the Boston Marathon. Ouch, my feet hurt just thinking about it.

  2. I biked a ‘marathon’ yesterdy and I feel totally fine today. Biking beats running every time. It’s low impact, it has the same endorphic high. You can go farther, faster, see more, carry cool stuff in your pannier and blast down hills at 35 MPH.
    Biking rules, running if for fools!
    Ha ha! 🙂

  3. I’m actually watching Boston now online. The elite men just took off.
    Mellon, that sounds great, congrats.
    We did the Jersey Shore Marathon Relay on Saturday and did a 3:30:05! Also got third in the open masetrs category.

  4. My average speed on the bike over 26 miles (including some fairly nasty – sweet pain – hills) is just a tad faster than the world class marathoners can run this distance.
    This is very humbling indeed…

  5. Congrats to all who biked or ran this weekend. In my free time, while I could have gone for some physical exercise, I chose to read a book.

  6. Ah yes Ice, Patriot’s Day, where members of “The Nation” have to get up extra early to get a few pints in before the 11:05 start.

  7. To all you runners out here, and speaking of the Boston Marathon ( Mrs. M , I’m sure I’ll see you there.)
    The clip below, brought to you by the Essex Running Club, will be a special segment I’ll be covering…I think It’ll be a nice event to attend…being held at the Church Street Cafe on May 5th.
    Katherine was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon.They attempted to pull her off the course when they realized she was a woman, but her then boyfriend pushed them away and she was able to complete it.She went on to run many more marathons,won NYC marathon,and today is a broadcaster at all the major marathons as well as published author.She and her husband,Roger Robinson, a former great masters runner,were at Church St Kitchen in the fall of 2006 to promote their book “26.2”Katherine will be here to promote her biography “Marathon Woman”.It should also be noted that Katherine was instrumental in getting the woman’s marathon into the Olympics, as well as developing the Avon Games, which led to this.

  8. Thanks Wayne. Yep I have read about her in a few other books.
    Americans take 3rd place in the Men’s and Women’s race…not too shabby, although it looked like Goucher could have won the women’s race for a while.
    Nice job by Hall, but Merga was straight cruising. Looking that impressive on Heartbreak Hill is an accomplishment in and of itself.

  9. Ooooh, I was SO rooting for Goucher. If she won, that would be the first time since 1985 that an American women won Boston. Nice race, though. She hung in there at first place until almost the very end.
    Wayne, in answer to your question, no, I haven’t qualified for Boston…yet.
    And thanks for promoting Kathrine Switzer(one “e” in her name). She spoke to our club once before and she was amazing. I strongly suggest checking it out on May 5 at Church Street Kitchen.

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