The name “Colbert” was the #1 entry in a contest to name the International Space Station’s Node 3 . And while NASA hasn’t officially declared Colbert the winner, it is sending an astronaut onto his show to announce the winner tonight. We can hardly stand the suspense. But don’t tell us how it comes out. The only way some baristas can force themselves to the gym is to go at 10:30 am, when Comedy Central repeats the show, for 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. We’ll be there breathlessly following this interstellar entertainment news tomorrow morning. And congrats Stephen (like NASA’s going to send an astronaut and then not give you the prize). We’ve always said you’re out of this world. (Hat tip to Anne Prince for letting us know.)

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  1. The only way some baristas can force themselves to the gym is to go at 10:30 am, when Comedy Central repeats the show, for 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer.
    It must be nice to have the free time. With commuting, I get to spend a whopping 4 hours a day during the work week with my family that isn’t spent sleeping. Add going to the gym into the mix and that time is cut by half.
    (I have no idea how people spend so much time watching weeknight TV)
    /pity party

  2. From CNN:
    Astronaut Sunita “Suni” Williams will reveal the decision on the comedian’s show, “The Colbert Report,” which will be taped in New York on Tuesday afternoon and broadcast later at 11:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.
    “I certainly hope NASA does the right thing,” Colbert said in a news release from the space agency. “Just kidding, I hope they name it after me.”
    Colbert’s campaign generated welcome attention for the oft-forgotten space station, but it also presented a dilemma for NASA.
    The contest rules spelled out that NASA reserves the right to “select a name in accordance with the best interests of the agency. … Such name may not necessarily be one which is on the list of voted-on candidate names.”
    The runner-up was Serenity, which was more in line with the names of other nodes. In 2007, a poll of kindergartners chose the name of Harmony for Node 2.

  3. The Iceman will be at the Morristown Tea Party tomorrow from 12-3 and would like solicit any questions/quibbles/complaints from Baristaville that you might want me to ask/confront to available politicians. This isn’t an anti Obama rally as much as an anti tax rally. It doesn’t matter to me whether you are democratic or republican…we are protesting against the concept that increasing taxes will automatically solve societal problems.
    I’m sure there are many dems in this barista nation who hate paying the exorbitant and unwarranted taxes…unless you are a family member of Joe Biden.

  4. With names like Harmony and Destiny, the ISS sounds like the late afternoon crew of strippers at Satin Dolls. I vote that node 3 be called Brandee or Crystal.

  5. Regarding what “Generically named Mike” said in post #1, I agree! Before I retired, I worked 9AM to 9PM Monday through Friday AND 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays. There were huge TV shows that seemingly all of America watched, that I had never heard of, let alone watched! They thought that was so weird, but they worked 9-5 M-F and were off Saturday, too.
    Many just could NOT believe I had not seen ____ (fill in the blank) show, ever. Movies? What bees that?

  6. {yawn, what?}
    Colbert? Again with this crap? First the Smithsonian, now NASA? Are these agencies that hard up for— street cred? What?
    They sent a Rover to Mars!!!
    They don’t need Colbert to prove they are cool.
    To those of us who care, we know.
    (Or are they that hard up for the college male/liberals vote?)
    But can he stop with all this vote for me stuff? He seems more hard up for attention that anyone– oh, wait. It’s a–wink-wink– joke… Sure it is.
    Now if they want to name it after Kathy Griffin, I’m down with that because she’ll cut a bitch!!

  7. Of course, Iceman isn’t telling you that these sad little “tea parties” are being organized & directed by Freedom Works and Americans For Prosperity, two right-wing lobbying organizations headed respectively by Dick Armey & Tim Phillips.
    Funding for Americans For Prosperity traces directly back to the conservative / libertarian Koch Foundation.
    What we really have here is a $76 million right-wing think tank co-opting one of the seminal events in the founding of this great nation to lobby for the oil industry’s God-given right to rape the environment.
    More proof that if you probe deeply enough into these things, you’ll always find a Slick Dick lurking in the shadows somewhere.

  8. An that’s SO different from Soros’ America Coming Together?
    But really, I’m shocked that rich organizations with a political bend are organizing “grassroot” events.

  9. As well you should be.
    Anyway, Iceman let that House spoiler rip, & that’s dirty pool, so the heat is on now.

  10. They will be naming the treadmill after Colbert. Not the node. The Node is named after yet another stripper esque stage name.

  11. Brilliant Jimmytown, Brilliant!!!!
    I’m sure if you tried, you COULD get a treadmill at the Y named after him.
    And perhaps a chair at Bluestone, or a cart at Whole Foods, hell, perhaps, just perhaps—-

  12. Our St. Charles Parks Dept. held a contest to name a new park (in Missouri).
    Someone posted it on Colbert’s website and 367 people, 18% of the total, voted to name the park after him.
    I’m sure the parks people thought this would be a local contest. The name of the park is now Vogt Brothers Park (after the people who used to own the acreage). Colbert was in the running, though!
    Working hard at

  13. The fact that people are using the term “Tea Party” to stage anti-tax rallies or anti-government rallies really piss me off.
    I think they discredit the actions taken by colonial revolutionaries, in particular the Sons of Liberty (Sam Adams, James Otis et.)
    The ACTUAL Tea Party was a response to certain acts put forth by the English government. Colonials had NO representation whatsover and under certain statutes like the Declaratory Act were told that the British crown had absolute power and could make any law or rule that they wanted without any colonial consent.
    We are now a democratic nation and no matter what you believe in or who you voted for, we have an elected legislature. American citizens have an avenue to complain, we have congressmen to lobby. I know people are going to come right back at this post with “what’s the point…they are all fat cats who don’t care…I didn’t vote for this administration, blah, blah, blah”.
    I am in no way an Obama apologist but the idea of calling these rallies “Tea Parties” are insulting and wholly inacurrate in a historical context.

  14. Good for you, Ice! Please report back and take photos if possible.
    Yes, I am one of the minions tired of paying exorbitant taxes and I support the concept behind the tea parties.
    Governmwent HAS increased taxes in the past and it HAS NOT solved societal problems. We need REAL change, not just empty rhetoric.
    A real stimulus package would start by stimulating corporations and businesses so that they can hire back people and encourage innovation. Taxing the “rich” does nothing but kill innovation and ambition. I put quotes around rich because Obama thinks that anyone who makes more than $75K is rich, which is ridiculous, especially for those living in metro areas like NY, LA, Chicago, DC and Boston.

  15. Mr. King, you make a good, if obvious point. However, ask folks paying TONS of NY taxes but live in NJ if they have any representation?
    Likewise, what of the 50% of folks who pay no taxes, but get the same representation as those of us footing the bill.
    So while things are different from the origins of the “Tea Party,” as it currently exists for some, there is a correlation.

  16. Prof,
    I understand where you are coming from and like I said I think certain anti-tax rallies are certainly acceptable and sometimes necessary. I live in NJ and work in NYC as well so I know about the double-taxation.
    It may be because I studied history in school, but when people use certain prior events that are extremely sacred (maybe only to me) as rallying cries and they don’t understand them it makes me upset.
    I am not enraged at the people who are speaking out against what they think is unfair taxation (they are entitled to their opinion). I just strongly disagree with the term “Tea Parties” or the evocation of what went on 236 years ago.

  17. I don’t think it’s double taxation, so much as taxation that leaves NJ perpetually screwed. Would our state budget woes be anywhere near as great if our income taxes were based on where we live, rather than where we work? (Assuming a modicum of responsibility from our elected leaders, of course, which I know is a leap.)
    And I for one would like to see some hard proof that a progressive tax stifles ambition. Seriously. It never stifled mine. Anybody out there feeling stifled? Given up on working so hard? Please, do tell your stories.

  18. i live in NJ and work in NYC. Its not really double taxation. NJ understands that you work in NYC, and they basically cancel each other out. Talk to your accountant if you feel like you are getting screwed. I dont really see a difference from when I worked in Jersey

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