Are people really, really, bored, brain dead, or both? Along with the recent pudding attack in Montclair, this dangerous random act of mischief ranks at the top of our 10 Stupidest Pranks list.
Montclair Police were called to the 600 block of Valley Road on the evening of April 25, at about 10:30 p.m. When police arrived, they found a 31-year-old woman from Elmwood standing with a friend next to a parked Honda. The woman said a dark SUV drove by slowly as the couple were entering the car, and someone in the vehicle hurled a watermelon at them, hitting the woman in the back and legs. The projectile melon entered the interior of the car, exploding on impact. The car sped away heading towards Bloomfield Avenue.
Police say there was damage to the interior of the car; fortunately, the woman was not hurt. If you have any idea who the watermelon thrower was, please call MPD.
Also reported this week — a dining disturbance at Orbis:

It almost sounds like an episode of “What would you do?” Imagine you’ve planned a relaxing girls night out at Orbis. Then some badly behaving dude starts to intrude on your evening.
It happened to a group of women on April 24 at the Watchung Plaza bistro. Jadramko Novakovic, 54, reportedly entered Orbis, ordered an entree, and then began pacing back and forth to the restroom. He zeroed in on the women’s table, and attempted to start a conversation. Rebuked by the ladies, Novakovic started yelling at them, then walked around the small dining room singing very loudly (which begs the question “what song and was he any good?”).
The restaurant owner asked the unruly customer to leave, but he refused; police were called and arrived on the scene. From the blotter: “Novakovic appeared to be intoxicated, refused our request to leave flailing his arms aggressively as customers at the door were trying to get out.”
Novakovic finally calmed down and left the building. No charges were pressed, and police left. Just minutes later, Novakovic returns — as well as police, who found him pacing, yelling and screaming profanities on the street in front of Orbis. Again, he refused to leave. This time, police arrested Novakovic, and charged him with disorderly conduct.
Pretty bad, but thankfully there was none of this.

16 replies on “Food Throwing Mischief Continues In Montclair”

  1. “(which begs the question “what song and was he any good?”).”
    It raises or prompts the question.
    Begging the question is something else entirely.
    Here is a good entry on it.

  2. some a-holes pulled up in back of a parked car by my home this past weekend and blew an air horn. The poor woman standing there must have jumped two feet in the air as the SUV screeched away.
    Theres no doubt, most people are dopes.

  3. Mitty –
    Not sure that I entirely trust a language entry written by someone who let the phrase, “venerable old phrase,” stand in his blog.

  4. He and I went to grade school together, and outshone me there. I can vouch for his command of language without reservation.
    If you need to be sure, you can read any one of his books. I recommend “The Brotherhood of Joseph,” his memoir of his ordeal of starting a family.

  5. Upon further inspection, it was determined that the watermelon was organically-grown from a local farmer, and all charges were dropped.

  6. Wow, Michael Douglas was really creepy in that movie.
    In answer to your question, both are bad. When I’m dining out, I’d rather not encounter either example.

  7. Funny, I have had both the drunk and annoying AND the crazy at establishments in Montclair. Anyone remember the crazy lady in the tutu and big coat?
    While we are complaining, and I am good at it, can the buses not honk for kids? Is it too much to ask that kids be waiting outside for a bus that picks them up in front of their damn house?!

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