Debbie Hotz is really busy tonight.

This Montclair mom of two teenage girls is preparing for Passover.

According to her, it’s no easy feat. (Just reading about her work is making me hungry!)

Here is what Debbie wrote recently on MontclairUnmoderated, one of my favorite local Yahoo groups. She told me I could reprint her words here…

From Debbie:

2 seders
10 plagues
20 or so people

menu planning: 2 hours
grocery shopping: 2 hours
brisket: 5 hours
Tzimmes–meat and vegetarian versions, both with knaidlach: 9 hours
Jewish/Cajun meatballs: 2 hours (I made 120 of them)

Polishing the brass sculptures my mother-in-law created (she’s an artist): 1 hour so far

Monday: chicken soup, farfel stuffing
Tuesday: roasted egg and shank bone, matzah balls, cake
Wednesday: set the table, prepare seder plate, eggs and tears, broccoli
Thursday: set the table, prepare seder plate, standing rib roast, asparagus

I buy the gelfite fish already made. My daughter makes the Baby
Moses salad (so cute), and my husband makes the charoset. We have wine,
tea, soda, coffee, and water. During the “partake of other foods”
portion of the seder, we have chocolate lollipops, candies, cookies,

…and fruit! I forgot the fruit. I’ll have to go back to the store after all.

Doesn’t preparing for Passover sound like fun?

After all the work is done, we at Barista Kids wish all who celebrate a Happy Passover. Are you busy preparing, too? Tell us your story.

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