When I was a child, I regulated myself far better than my mother ever could. I never watched TV when I wasn’t supposed to. I called her at work to get her clearance on any possible candy consumption, and I looked on wistfully at the children who could dare to be so bold. So when an adult, any adult, gave me the Grown Up Go Ahead to do something forbidden, I adored them and gave in to my suppressed desires with every ounce of whim I had.
That’s probably not what Kristen and the crew at Barista Kids want to hear. And I don’t even want to think about how that will come back to me once I’m a parent.
However, certain boundaries should probably not be crossed, like that time my brothers and I decided to try driving our parents’ Cadillac with nary a driver’s license between the three of us. Or, in Kristen’s case, placing someone else’s three-year-old in a tree.
Which begs the thorny question of, how do you deal with other parents breaking the rules you have set out for your children? What about your children’s friends? Discuss your playground drama over at Barista Kids.