We love receiving our reader tips, but where in the cyberworld would Baristanet be without the support of our advertisers? Every couple of weeks, we’ll tune you in to some special deals Baristanet readers can take advantage of. Please, be nice and tell them if you’ve noticed their ads on the pages of Baristanet.

– an eclectic boutique for men and women – just opened in the atrium shops on 26 South Fullerton, Montclair. Cool, funky, unusual and affordable describes the clothing and gifts. Baristanet readers get 20% off the total bill when making their first purchase. (Tell them Baristanet sent you….)
Meanwhile, over at the new Serenity Spa in Bloomfield, you can “join the club” and get hour-long massages for just $49 whenever you want…GT Fitness will get you in shape – send them your email and get two free personal training sessions.
You really enjoyed restaurant week, right? Well our friends at Bistro 18 did too. Chef Ricky continues to offer prix fixe menus every Tuesday evening, and a prix-fixe pre-Wellmont menu on concert nights. Coming up on June 9 is another prix-fixe night with a regional menu from Piedmont, Italy and delicious wine pairings…’Tis the season for crabs, and Church Street Kitchen in Montclair is getting pretty crabby. Check out the menu of soft shell crab dishes prepared many delicious ways. They are also featuring a $5.99 lunch, $20.99 prix fixe dinner, and host regular wine tastings. Check out their website for the details. At Ritacco’s Midtown Bar and Grill (Nutley) just say the magic word “Baristanet” for a free appetizer or dessert.

7 replies on “And Now A Word For Our Sponsors…”

  1. This is great.
    A post about the advertisers!!!!
    I hate it, here (a few times) and on other sites (often), when “posts” are mere ads.
    But this, right out in the open is the appropriate way to do it.
    Most of the advertisers here are great– Love those TOES on the Nails and Body Works ad– it’s where the prof gets his manicure!!
    And who doesn’t love seeing Ms. O’Toole?
    (Though Steve Earle scares me….)
    Anyway, I support the folks here and the other local business because they help make the town great.
    (Can I write of my JafaJems bill?)

  2. Thanks, Baristas, for calling the post what it is. I have no problem with posting about the advertisers (it’s not like I’m paying for Baristanet) and doing so in such an upfront way does, hopefully, keep the inevitable complaints to a minimum.

  3. I recently went to Serenity Spa for a wax and the experience was lovely. Very friendly staff and beautiful interior! I will definitely be going back.

  4. Mrs. MItty raised an eyebrow recently when I told her about a woman with whom I had crossed paths. When they say a successful relationship depends on communication, keep in mind that communication includes enunciation.
    I said, “She is a Brazilian.”
    She heard, “She HAS a Brazilian.” And, naturally, her next question was how did I know.
    You would think we would be better at avoiding this kind of confusion given all the actual yard work we do around here.

  5. Mitty – “You would think we would be better at avoiding this kind of confusion given all the actual yard work we do around here”
    May I assume that you discuss bushes?

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