Tipsters tell us there was police activity earlier this week at South Park Bar and Grill in Montclair. An observer says a man was taken away from the pub in handcuffs.
Chief of Police David Sabagh confirmed that Montclair Police and MPD narcotics detectives made an arrest at South Park Bar and Grill, while conducting an annual ABC inspection of the estabishment. No further information is available at the moment, the case is under investigation.

From Chief Sabagh:

The arrested individual was identified as the owner of South Park, his name is Jeffrey Melnikoff, age 43. He has been charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bail was set at $15,000 bond or $1,500 cash alternative


25 replies on “Trouble At South Park Bar & Grill”

  1. You have to admit — this is a great town for a night out!
    You can start at Egan’s, where you can enjoy the thrill of having a young drunk rub his exposed penis up against you.
    You can then move on to South Park to score some rock.
    Finally, you can end your evening at Great Wall for some Chinese, but choose a table far from the window so as to avoid the cars crashing through.
    Great town, this!

  2. cro,
    I think you have the workings of a Montclair T-Shirt.
    Perhaps Cary A is reading…. Because I almost fell over laughing.
    “… where you can enjoy the thrill of having a young drunk rub his exposed penis up against you.”

  3. LOL Croiagusanam! ANd don’t forget -at least we have better schools than Bloomfield!

  4. I love the comments on this thread and I would buy and wear the Montclair ~ priceless T shirt.
    You’d think they rubbing penis guy or drug bust in a bar would be a story attached to Heartbreakers. I guess Bloomfield can hold it’s head high that our nightlife – while it may need purell – doesn’t need a condom or defense attorney.

  5. Bloomfield had that massage parlor bust…but hey, so did Montclair, didn’t it? And then there’s the fetish shoppe, Dressing for Pleasure (near a school). And you guys left out all the shenanigans at the late Diva Lounge.

  6. Didn’t you hear, odewalter, Diva’s looking to shed their image with a name makeover. No more shenanigans at the Comfort Lounge! I’m sorry, but that’s just the most horrible name.

  7. If all this keeps up, soon Montclair may be reduced to issuing an official T-shirt:
    “Montclair….at least we’re not Bloomfield.”

  8. From personal experience, that owner was a total sleaze and got exactly what he deserved. It’s about time he was caught doing what he’s been doing for years.

  9. I don’t know how I ended up here…But now that I am…
    Isn’t it funny how all you of losers have something to say about how bad these places are and how someone is sleazy… Meanwhile YOU STILL GO!
    You have such emptiness in your life that the best thing you can think of doing is going to some third rate sleaze bar….
    Not to mention if you were to meet the owner of SPB&G you would probably be nice to him bc you have no backbone.
    I suggest you open a bar and see how long it last.
    So let’s see what happened here… The guy smokes some pot! Wooooow that’s soooo bad… lol
    You people go there every freggin night and then complain hot horrible it is…
    GET A LIFE!!!

  10. Terria Model, are you sure you didnt mean to use the name “Tierra Model”? Just wondering. About South Park. [portion of comment deleted: violates Baristanet comment policy] As far as pot is concerned, I do not judge someone who smokes pot. But if he is selling it, it says something about the success of his legal business.
    JB Winberries and “The Bailey” as it was named before SPB&G were nice establishments with a great menu and staff. The clientele, music, and food @ your bar is out of place for such a nice corner.
    Suggesting that someone opens a bar to see how long it lasts is easier said than done. Howevever, I will tell you that if SPB&G closed, sold its liquor license and a new owner opened under a new name (perhaps using chris eagan’s money and talent) it would be a successful, and respected place to have a pint.

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