Ledger Live explores the Passaic river with Wheeler Antabanez

The Star Ledger’s Brian Donohue recently got the Wheeler Antabanez tour of the Passaic River and lived to file this report. Now both of you guys, go wash your hands.

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  1. Hope his tetanus shot is current>
    While I am fascinated by his exploits, I disagree in how he views the river. Other polluted and desolate rivers throughout the U.S. have been cleaned up (including the Hudson which is now swimmable in parts). The same thing holds true for the Passaoc if our state would only cooperate and people would stop dumping. Personally, I think there should be mandatory jail time for dumpers. If I lived along the Passaic, I would raise holy hell with my elected officials. Where’s Corzone in all this (literal) mess?

  2. I’m guessing one of the harder things about making the transition from print journalism to video is learning how to pronounce people’s last names.

  3. Dumpers… start with the companies that dumped and are dumping there.
    PCBs will probably be in the river for hundreds of years.
    And say hello to Coach Del because he’s living in a van down by the river!

  4. It is sad that the river is in such a state, but there are some parts of the Passaic that are not like what you see here.

  5. The river is disgusting because dumpers and polluters are basically disgusting, ignorant, inconsiderate and greedy. This river has been polluted with toxins for decades because of the ignorance and greed of the manufacturing plants lining the banks. Unfortunately, the state never felt the river was worth cleaning up. As far as the household garbage that lines the banks…ignorance along with a lack of consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. I grew up in a town bordering the Passaic and often I thought how beautiful the area it must have looked a hundred or so years ago when the Passaic resembled the Delaware. Though that scenario seems unrealistic in this day and age, people young and old should be educated on the effects of pollution and how it effects our natural resources.

  6. This chaps my behind because this is a perfect example of what the gubmit SHOULD have its nose into, the policing of dumping into oceans and rivers.

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