This just in from Lt. James J. Carlucci of MPD:

Montclair Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at the Clare-Pine Gulf Station on Claremont Ave at approximately 4:30 p.m. on August 29th. Two black males entered the bay area of the station and one placed a hard object into the attendants back and stated, “Give me the money.” The suspect with the object then went through the victim’s pockets and removed over $300.00 dollars in cash. The second suspect stood behind the first and didn’t speak during the robbery. Both suspects then fled on foot southbound on Pine Street towards Glenridge Ave. The suspects are described as black males, 18 – 20 y.o.a., approximately 6′, 170 – 190 lbs, wearing long solid knee length red t-shirts, and light blue jeans. Both suspect had braids with died red tips. The suspect who pressed the object into the victims back had a very thin face. The victim was not physically injured during the robbery. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Ray Gulbin at 973-409-4739.

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9 replies on “Montclair Police Investigate Claremont Armed Robbery”

  1. .. the T-shirts were a ruse and hair was fake. These guys were wearing wigs.
    I mean, come on. Let’s get real here.
    What local stores sell braided wigs and super extra large red tshirts? That’s where I’d start.

  2. With the property taxes we are paying in this Mayor Fried needs to get a better handle on this ever increasing problem. Screw train service. What about safety and security?!

  3. Is it wrong or racist to assume that because of the “red” nature of this crime, these guys were not worried about flaunting their affiliation with the “Bloodz”?

  4. I don’t think that’s a wrong assumption to make at all. There have been reports of that particular gang taking up residence in town.
    Even if these guys aren’t Bloodz, the probably don’t mind people thinking they are (I imagine people are a lot less likely to fight back if they’re afraid of gang reprisals).

  5. Died -> Dyed?
    I stopped at this gas station minutes after the robbery and saw a half-dozen Montclair Police force members on location or cruising the block looking for the suspects. It was an encouraging response, but I felt terrible for the kid who was held up, who had been working alone. He looked to be about 20; thank God he wasn’t hurt.

  6. Nellie,
    Couldnt have said it better myself. He’s so inept he has to spend undisclosed amounts of money to have a Consulting Firm find a candidate for Town Manager. I really do not understand what Jerry Fried actually does. Do you?

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