NJ is one of two states that outlaws texting while driving–and our senator is working on a nationwide ban. I’m not sure this ban is enforced–I saw a NJ cop texting in his car yesterday on Route 23. I’ve seen teens do it. I’ve also caught my kind–moms in minivans–playing with their cells while driving. I wish the ban were more effective. Mobile phones cause 6 percent of accidents and 2,600 deaths each year.
This controversial PSA from The United Kingdom uses scare tactics to stop us. Do you think this PSA sends the right message–or is it too much?

The New York Times reports that drivers overestimate their ability to multitask while driving. See how you do in their driving while distracted game. I played and died–multiple times.
My kids will be allowed to drive when they turn 34, if they are lucky. Though they do like to drive their Barbie Jeep. For the record, they do not talk on their Elmo cell phone at the same time.

2 replies on “PSA to Stop Teen Texting”

  1. Great PSA. Too long, though.
    And is it really a scare tactic when you show the consequences of an action? I don’t think so.
    If, say a parent says, don’t text and drive because a spaceman might kill you with a death ray– that’s a scare tactic.
    Telling and showing a car accident, however horrific, is what very well could happen.
    Therefore, this ad is perfectly appropriate.
    And like most things, it will take a horrific accident for the laws to change.
    Then we’ll name the law after the poor, dead soul.
    Finally, I think there MUST be some electronic device that will disable all phone service in cars.
    Because laws or not, folks are still talking and texting.

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