adult school.jpgThe Adult School of Montclair, which began during the Great Depression, is going strong 75 years later during the Great Recession and opens its doors to registration tomorrow. The theme this year is the adult school’s 75th birthday. The cover is a cupcake with a sparkler on top, and the Adult School reminds us of a prestigious history, with past speakers that have included Isaac Asimov, Jean Shepherd and Paul Volcker. In addition to the regular classes taught in the Montclair High School Annex, there are also more than 300 online courses.

New offerings for fall include Outdoor Golf, An Evening with Three Artistic Directors, The Nuts and Bolts of Renovation (sign up for either the Kitchen Reno or Bath Reno courses, both in October), and one perhaps for the youngsters just off to college, Survival Outside of The Nest. Fluffier themes include Creative Cupcakes and The Sheep and Wool Festival, a day trip to a knitter’s paradise in Rhinebeck, NY. More serious selections include Debt Elimination Techniques That Work.
Those who know it all might want to share that knowledge — why not teach a course or volunteer? Contact details for the school can be found here.

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