Guess what a lot of people are doing this weekend, myself included? Does the image here give a clue? Do the words XL-twin mean anything to you? You probably guessed right. Families throughout Baristaville are helping their college-aged kids pack and sending them, or bringing them, to school.
I have one junior and one freshman leaving for school this weekend. Those ubiquitous pop-up mesh laundry baskets? Check. Free Frisbee from the bank or gas company? Check. Laptop? Check. Posters for wall decor? Check. One broken-hearted mom already missing her kids? Check.

18 replies on “The Great College Migration Is On”

  1. We took our daughter back yesterday and I do miss her already. It’s just funny to me how this generation of college students need to take everything but the kitchen sink to school. One girl had a 60 inch TV!

  2. College was so much. I’m so jealous of all the kids leaving.
    Fortunately, the little prof is years away, though where ever he decides to go, mrs. prof and I have vowed to follow!!!!
    He can’t just LEAVE, can he?
    To all those parents who suddenly find the house much bigger, my heart goes out to you!
    (And some of us have NEVER had even a single year away from semester living, the prof loves college THAT much.)

  3. So, I guess they really do leave huh? I’m another anxious future-emptynester waiting in the wings for next year. Unless the Gap Year idea takes hold..

  4. As a newly single parent, I confess that I’m thrilled that my college freshman chose to go local for the first two years…it’s selfish I know, but LIKE having him around.

  5. We didn’t open my Freshman’s pup-up hamper. There was no place to put it!!!
    Broken hearted mom comes close. Color me blue!!

  6. Dropping one kid off yesterday, and looking around his elite, well funded, beautifully groomed, cerebral, New England, liberal arts college, I was more certain than ever that there were two Americas. One goes to colleges like my kid does, the others listen regularly to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele.

  7. Spiro, some grads of “elite” liberal arts colleges actually turn to the likes of Rush Limbaugh out of general disgust with the nonsense they were taught in those elite schools.
    I actually had a sociology prof, a black woman, who had Panther bodyguards. When asked who these thugs were there to “protect” her from, one would-be Praetorian answered for her: “To protect the lady from dumb honkies like you, sucker.”
    And God forbid in such a hostile classroom environment that one might have suggested one held kind thoughts towards the likes of, back then, Daniel Moynihan.

  8. Spiro,
    Your comment assumes so much, I’m surprised liberals let you in their club.
    Really, you think all the well-scrubbed (and heeled) folks you saw yesterday think just like you?
    Because, what? Rush/Steele sympathizers look like what exactly?
    BUT WAIT!!!
    You see, right there– that last question is where you should realize you’re playing with wrong stereotypes.
    But then again, for most libs, stereotypes are okay so long as they are about conservatives.
    Sorry. I forgot.
    (But didn’t Steele go to Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Law?)

  9. I actually had a sociology prof, a black woman, who had Panther bodyguards. When asked who these thugs were there to “protect” her from, one would-be Praetorian answered for her: “To protect the lady from dumb honkies like you, sucker.”
    That story sounds like a big fat lie to me. I’m surprised you didn’t spell sucker ‘sucka’ to add verisimilitude.
    Well crafted, totally unbelievable. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh, cathar!

  10. Comments opposing thumbs get a lots of thumbs downs, so I guess most peoplee like the new system.
    I agree with you, mtcgal, but I think we’re in the minority,

  11. I actually agree with you Prof, in retrospect, and that is why I revised my opinion in the second post.
    Generally, however, I believe that high end liberal arts colleges foster hope and, in contrast, Rush and Steele foster fear.
    Hence the divide as I first sensed it.

  12. Took my son two weeks ago (and miss him already), but thankfully, he is only an hour and half car ride away – and that is what he did this weekend. And to the dad’s and my happiness, the restaurants are fabulous up there. Leave early, have dinner, drive full parents hungry kid home. That’s what happens when you have a friday class that ends at 8.30pm. Luckily, he is attending a place where he will graduate with a skill and management in the area – hopefully very employable.

  13. Welcome to Baristanet, Tracy.
    You are now in a river full of Pirhanas.
    I took the liberty of giving your post a “thumbs up”, not only because I liked it, but also because some pathetic person before me gave you a thumbs down –and for what, we’ll never know.
    I wish your son a great future.

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