Here’s your Baristaville Weather Advisory for Monday, August 10.
8 am to 10 am. If you want to sit on the porch and answer email, walk your dog, jog in Brookdale or weed the garden, do it now. It will be brutally hot and humid shortly.
10 am to 4 pm. Now’s the time to take advantage of that pool membership you’ve sunk hundreds of dollars into and only used twice this summer. No official heat advisory in Essex County, but there are warnings all around us.
4 pm to midnight. Periodic bursts of thunder and lightning of biblical proportions. Trees and branches down. Dozens of messages from Clever Commute detailing NJ Transit’s inevitable series of evening delays. Remember to take pictures of all of this and send them to us or post them on our Flickr page.

Alternatively, skip the porch and the pool and sit in your air-conditioned office in midtown all day. Good luck with the evening commute.
Hour-by-hour forecast, without the commentary, here.

15 replies on “The Heat is Coming”

  1. I have had it with the thunder storms! My five-year-old is terrified of them and was up all night because of the damn thunder.

  2. I’m working from home today.
    I’m afraid that there will be:
    Another blackout similar to 2003
    Other power disturbances
    Rail problems due to the heat and potential bad weather
    NJ Waterway disruption due to the awful mid air collision this past weekend
    I’m a ‘fraidy cat!

  3. So by the time I get home from work and can go to the pool, there will be thunder and lightning. Bummer…

  4. In 2003 I walked down 45 flights of stairs, walked from 50th and Park over to the NJ waterway and waited an hour and a half in vain. Then walked over to the Lincoln tunnel where a couple of co-workers and I were told that we would die if we attempted to walk through the tunnel. Finally got a ride in the back of a furniture truck to Jersey City where I got in to a cab packed with 4 other people for a 20$ ride to Newark where I couldn’t hail a cab and then lost my cell phone before waiting another hour and a half for a bus to Bloomfield where I got off in a pitch black Bloomfield center and was sized up by a group of several young men as a potential ‘vic’ before finally getting to my car in a still nearly full farrand street parking lot and driving home to a pitch black neighborhood to my house where I sat on my porch with a loaded SigArms p229 just in case some crazy person tried to break in. Whew….

  5. Periodic bursts of thunder and lightning of biblical proportions.
    I sure hope so. We spent last Sunday staring out the full wall window at the Friday’s near Willowbrook mall at the awesome light show and would love to do the same from the comfort of my own living room tonight.
    In 2003, I stayed in the office until our backup generator finally died and then drove from Clifton to Ft. Lee and stood on top of my ’89 Grand Am looking for my friend who had to walk across the GWB.

  6. No sweat (o pun intended), it should cool down again by tomorrow or Wednesday.
    Use the pool I joined? The one that caters to kids in the afteroon hours? And, I’ll be elsewhere tonight. :-O

  7. Oh no! My three dogs (especially one of them, who hides — and she’s 75 pounds yet!) are being traumatized by all of these thunderstorms.
    And I know that this will be an unpopular opinion (I’m ready for an epic number of “thumbs down”), but I truly hate the heat.
    Anything above 80 (or so) is just too hot.

  8. No reasons for a thumbs down, Deborah, but I’m the opposite. I do better in the heat. I have less of a tolerance for the cold.

  9. Me, too. I like summer to feel like summer. I won’t even go swimming unless the air temp is 80 or above.

  10. Are cats cooler than dogs or is it just mine?
    Whenever there’s a loud thunderclap he looks at me as if to say “I’m OK if Your OK”

  11. Thunder doesn’t seem to bother my cats. Sometimes, if there is a particularly loud boom they might look up but they don’t seem afraid of it. Perhaps, they know they are safe indoors.
    The dogs I’ve owned were both terrified of thunder. One dog was afraid of the crackling noise of the fireplace and would only sit near it after he had gone completely deaf.

  12. Most of my cats hide when there is thunder, expect for my 19-year-old who looks at me as if to say, “I’m too old to be fazed by anything.”

  13. Oh no! My three dogs (especially one of them, who hides — and she’s 75 pounds yet!) are being traumatized by all of these thunderstorms.
    Oy vey, with the thunderphobic dogs! appledog tries to hide in the basement even if we’re watching a movie with rumbling/action sounds. She desperately seeks shelter in the worst places.

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