weekend.jpg All aboard weekenders! NJ Transit announced today that weekend train service for the Montclair-Boonton line will start on Nov. 8.
The announcement was made at an 11 a.m. press conference this morning at the Bay Street Station by NJ Transit executive director Richard Sarles. Essex County Executive Joe D. Vincenzo, Mayor Ray McCarthy of Bloomfield, Mayor Peter Hughes of Glen Ridge and Mayor Jerry Fried of Montclair were on hand for the announcement. Fried took an active role in impressing upon NJ transit how important weekend train service for Montclair would be back in June. At the press conference, McCarthy credited Fried with making the service happen, saying “Mayor Fried was a dog on a bone with this one.”
How will it work? It was announced that Montclair parking authority will offer free weekend parking in the Bay Street garage at least through the end of 2009. Weekend service will be bi-hourly and Montclair weekenders will need to catch the train from Bay Street, as that will be where the service terminates. Trains will run to Newark where passengers can transfer to New York Penn Station, or stay on board for Hoboken service. Weekend trains will also stop at Watsessing, Bloomfield and Glen Ridge stations.
Weekend train service didn’t sound promising back in March and here, too, when it was expected to be delayed into late 2009. Now that it’s here — are you over the top glad, sad or ambivalent? Tell us how and when will you use the weekend train in comments.

NJ Transit Executive Director Richard Sarles says the new service will run at “virtually no cost” because it is an extension of an existing train that runs from Broad Street to Hoboken.
Mayor Fried, in his thanks to various officials, mentioned Montclair State University President Susan Cole as a big supporter, and expressed the hope that the service will eventually extend all the way to Montclair State. “This is the beginning,” he said. “We expect to see you all on the train.”

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

73 replies on “NJ Transit Announces Weekend Service!”

  1. Awesome. Now I don’t need to park near grove st (bloomfield) take the light rail to the path to get into the city. Now I can walk 2 blocks and get right in.

  2. I think it’s great and about time. They have been talking about this forever but I never actually thought it would come about. It will be so nice to have a viable public transit option for getting into the city on the weekends.

  3. So Upper Montclair gets shafted again. Our weekday commute continues to decline and we don’t get weekend service either.

  4. Very excited about this….Now it’s easy to get into the city on the weekends. Hopefully this will also attract NYCers to come into our neighborhood to boost our local economy. Does anyone have any insight on the 24 hour quietzone policies?

  5. This is very good news. There is no reason why South Orange, Morristown etc. should have weekend service and not Montclair. A win-win for everyone.

  6. Now I can take my 3 wee kids on a fun train ride and day trip into NYC. Decamp was impossible for this for many vile reasons. I’ll believe this when I see it, hopefully on Nov. 8.

  7. “Bi-hourly” meaning twice an hour or once every two hours? Clarify please, Liz. (And if it’s the latter, DeCamp will at least remain a “bi-hourly” option for many.)
    Also, when will the last train back depart?

  8. For once, I agree with jerseygurl. It’s rather niggardly to end the line at Bay Street. And making people drive and park isn’t very green, compared to, say, DeCamp (aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!), which picks people up along the way.

  9. Walleroo, while I know what you were getting at and yes, you used the word (of Scandinavian origin) absolutely correctly, I also recall that assorted yahoos once forced out a school administrator or some such who used the very same “n” word. So watch your forked tongue.

  10. People have been asking for weekend service since I started the NYC commute in 1982. I am amazed that it finally has come to pass.
    I think NJT should reinstate the ‘smoking car’ too. It was always the first car and was wonderfully hazy with second hand smoke. Sometimes when I really needed to sit, I’d use this car and get a second hand nicotine buzz.

  11. Yeah, bummer about it not extending into Upper Montclair or to the University (I have to imagine a large number of students would welcome weekend train service), but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I actually had to think about today’s date when I first read the headline, I thought it might be April 1 for a second.

  12. ah- i see. it stops at bay street. does anyone know why they decided that it should end there?
    also, i do not want NYC’ers to come out to Montclair on the weekends. i see enough of them on the week days. that is why I moved to Montclair! ha.

  13. Thank you for your concern, cathar, but I have little interest in pursuing a career as Montclair school administrator.

  14. Walleroo — dude, nobody uses that word because it sounds so much like the other one — the worst word in the language. Yes, I know what it means. I’m kinda suprised that anyone on here would use that word. Are you trying to get a reaction out of us?

  15. Cather, The Montclair Times clarifies bi-hourly as “Trains will run about every two hours to and from Hoboken.” Hm that kind of sucks. Still better than nothing, but I’d probably still drive or catch a train/bus in Clifton. I’m also curious how late the trains will run.

  16. I’m guessing that they’re stopping it at Bay Street because of the Upper Montclarions who live near the tracks and were against weekend service (because of the noise/safety issues).
    Unfortunately, the MSU residents will have to take the 28 (an extra $1.35 and 20 minutes) to get on a train.

  17. Jean, the Upper Montclarions have been fighting for weekend service AND better weekday service to protect our two stations.

  18. I agree with Raeven. Seems like it would be extra work to have to take the PATH from Hoboken. Although I know this will benefit some people, I will probably still drive to NYC.

  19. As presented, it’s basically a Newark Shuttle that, hopefully, will sync up with NYC & Hoboken service.
    Anyone know how many slots are in Bay St Garage?

  20. It’s a step in the right direction but a bit maddening for those of us who do not want to have to use a car to get to the train at all. Looks like riding my bike to the train will have to be it for now.
    Peace out DeCamp, you suckers.

  21. nobody uses that word
    You may be right. In a search of major newspapers over the last two years, the word “niggardly” was used in only nine, and four of those were to make some point of other about racism.
    Are you trying to get a reaction out of us?
    Oh, I would never do that.

  22. Walleroo (he sighs), walleroo, at least my chiding was gently intended. I also noted that you used the word correctly, and that it was ill-lettered yahoos who objected to a perfectly good such word. Stop bristling so.
    Next, mayhap, you’ll be complaing that your fur is, uh, “nappy.”

  23. My own personal opinion aside – there is a large group of people who have tried meeting with NJT and our town officials to ensure better weekday service as well as being included in any weekend service. In a meeting with NJT, a desire for weekend service was expressed along with the need to stop taking stops away from Upper Montclair. NJT would love nothing more than to force riders to either Bay Street or the MSU lot.

  24. I guess Jerseygurl learned the hard way its pretty hard to change your opinion (or play both sides) on the internet and get away with it.
    Depending on the frequency and reliability this, this will be a nice way to leave Hoboken and come see the rents on the weekend.

  25. Every 2 hours is lame, but it’s something. I can see why it ends at Bay St due to what was said before about some residents who have houses about 10 ft from the tracks. While you can say that they bought the houses knowing that they live next to tracks, they probably also considered that it would be quiet at least on weekends.
    I think a decent compromise would be to have a shuttle bringing Upper Montclair people to the train station. Of course, this will take another 20 years to accomplish.

  26. (Too many responses to read, so I apologize if this has been mentioned.)
    While I am ecstatic that we’re finally getting the weekend service that we were told we’d have in Fall ’05, a major reason we settled here, I have to question the intelligence of making Bay St. the only Montclair stop. Until a year ago, when I left work to stay home with my child, I parked in that garage every weekday. Not only is it not a large enough garage to handle a large number of weekend travelers, it is also not safe. I’ve had every emblem removed from my car and my front passenger-side door lock rendered unusable after someone tried to break in. And that all happened in a matter of 3 mos. during the school day hours. What do you think will happen during the weekend days when neighborhood kids have nothing better to do?
    Also, you may all want to note that this garage is in the same area (Pine St., near the Shell station) where so many muggings and random attacks have occurred recently. I may use the station, with my “beater” car some weekends, but I’ll be making sure to return to the station before dark.

  27. This is great news, although I too am disappointed that all of Montclair is not included. I suspect it’s more a matter of headways for NJ Transit and trying to minimize cost of the additional service until they see what it brings in. I hope it won’t take too long to extend the service further west.

  28. WHA HOO!!!! It’s about time! Now there is no excuse for my in-laws to come out and visit.
    Oh wait, maybe that’s not a good thing….

  29. Can someone offer an opinion or facts about the safety of Bay St Station compared with South Orange station (for car parking)?

  30. This is pretty great news. Though, I imagine I’ll still need to drive in if going to a concert or club.
    The last week-day train leaves NYC around 11 or so. Is it safe to assume the same about the Saturday service?

  31. SO IT IS: walleroo is a WOMBAT!!! A marsupial with nappy fur.
    All these years.
    All these guesses.
    And the truth comes out in a post about NJ Transit and the (hopefully) impending death of Decamp.

  32. Oh, and just were is this UPPER Montclair everyone is so concerned about?
    I checked and could only find a wonderful community called MONTCLAIR.

  33. yahoo! I have a parking pass in Bloomfield and I will use it to enjoy going to sports events on week-ends, shows and my friends from the City will love it! They HATE the bus.

  34. Happy about the progress, not so happy that it stops at Bay St. Extending to MSU (even with no other stops) would be helpful both financially, with student riders through most of the year, and parking-wise for those who can’t/don’t want to park at Bay St. I suspect, though, that this is a scheduling limitation due to piggybacking on existing Hoboken trains. Here’s hoping that this is only phase 1, and that eventually full weekend service direct to NYC can be implemented.

  35. Whoever smelt it, dealt it……
    Truth hurts, I understand.
    But the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of Wombat Posters) may want to take your case.

  36. //Oh, and just were is this UPPER Montclair everyone is so concerned about? I checked and could only find a wonderful community called MONTCLAIR.//
    Check a little deeper. Zip code 07043, once called Speertown. I am getting sick and tired of the attempt to “erase” the name of the village I moved into over thirty years ago with my parents. It seems as though the name “Upper,” irks residents of the rest of town for what reason I can only imagine is ego (if they’re upper, are we lower? No, we’re north. Everyone knows north is up… ) I don’t see the residents of “Upper” Saddle River, “Upper” Deerfield, “Upper Freehold, etc. having to go thru this nonsense.
    It’s bad enough that online address forms keep trying to prevent entering the full village name, the fact that it is taking YEARS to get the Upper Montclair train station rebuilt, and developers want to shove thru commercial plans on Lorraine Avenue with inadequate parking that the town is supposed to just absorb. Now inadequate weekend service will be added to the inadequate weekday service, and not extend to our station, much less MSU, where the students are desperate for it.
    I think it’s time the residents of Upper Montclair do some loud protesting over the rail service and station situation.

  37. How many other “villages” were there?
    And now? None.
    They were incorporated into ONE town, MONTCLAIR.
    As for Upper” Saddle River, it’s a town, a borough actually.
    Our UPPER Montclair, is more like Short Hills— a section of town (Millburn).
    NOT a separate town.
    So like you, I laugh when folks say it- especially when they mean it to differentiate it from Montclair.
    Even I do it, because I live in a palatial estate in UPPER Montclair.
    But do me this favor, (as I always say), when your house is on fire, call the UPPER Montclair Fire Dept and see what happens.
    Same with your car when it gets broken into, I’m sure those UPPER Montclair cops will be there lickety-split.

  38. It’s a start and congrats to Mayor Fried for pursuing it vigorously. Hopefully the service will get expanded once it starts. If not, we’ll have to press for that too.

  39. Walleroo, you need to preview what you write before you send it out for all to see. Your words are offensive and you need to take more responsibility in what you write.
    On another note, having the train service on the weekends is truly a great step in the right direction.

  40. didn’t we build the whole montclair connection so that trains could go to new york and past bay street? this is progress, but sorta a step backwards.
    I’m happy it goes to hoboken. hoboken is less crowded, you can get on the train early, the platforms aren’t 95?, and teh ceilings are higher than 8 feet

  41. Walleroo, you need to preview what you write before you send it out for all to see.
    Aw, Roo, don’t cry! you know we all still love your furry little wombat self.

  42. This is shocking–I find myself actually agreeing with Cathar. I know, it sounds impossible, but it’s true. Walleroo’s use of an n-word was completely grammatically correct and properly used, and (s)he should not be chastised for using it.
    I, for one, am looking forward to riding the train on the weekend. It looks like all the naggers who spent all that time bugging NJ Transit for weekend service were finally successful. NJ Transit finally got all the chinks out of the armor and have delivered on their promise(s). Add to that the spic-and-span new double-decker cars, and NJ Transit is looking good compared to DeCamp. Now, you’ll have to excuse me, I have some crackers to eat before I must complete my distasteful afternoon chore of removing a wasp’s nest.

  43. While the annoucement is a positive step forward – Now is the time for residents of Montclair and Little Falls to write to NJ Transit and to “demand” that all stations in both townships be included in weekend service along the Montclair-Boonton Line.
    Now is the time to send a letter to Mr. Richard Sarles, Executive Director, NJ Transit Corporation, One Penn Plaza East, Newark, N.J. 07105 requesting that all Montclair and Little Falls NJ Transit commuter train stations be included in plans for weekend service along the Montclair-Boonton line

  44. Walleroo, you need to preview what you write before you send it out for all to see. Your words are offensive and you need to take more responsibility in what you write.
    This is shocking–I find myself actually agreeing with Cathar.
    When cathar and anti-cathar agree, do they annihilate one another?

  45. Good step in the right direction. Helps with the commute. Not everyone works M-F & has off the holidays! Think you’ll find a lot of people will use. If not for work, then for a nice day/night in the city. Agree with Laughing Man about perhaps attracting more people to the great restaurants in Montclair. Now to expand service so students at MSU can utilize on weekends. And to expand holiday service, too.

  46. That mushroom cloud over Baristaville was cathar and anti-cathar agreeing.
    “A George divided against itself cannot stand!”

  47. LOL anti-cathar. You really made me do a double take when first supporting Walleroo’s word choice (both correctly used and intended to offend, imho) and then using the word “naggers” in the next paragraph. Sometimes the mind plays tricks on you 🙂
    And kudos to Mayor Fried for getting this done. My suspicion is that the reason that he deserves the credit and the reason that it is Bay to Hoboken are the same. NJT would have continued to delay any weekend service until there was a way to go MSU to NYP (e.g. years away) and instead we are getting something now that is better than nothing and loads better than DeCamp.

  48. Unless he really screws up in the next couple of years, Jerry Fried gets my vote for this alone.
    Bravo bravo bravo!

  49. Great news! Long time coming! But it should go all the way to the Montclair State station. Doesn’t make any sense to stop at Bay Street.

  50. With regard to weekend service, lets give credit where it’s due. There was a transportation committee of hard working volunteers in Montclair and that they’ve been working weekend service for years.
    Thanks to B’net for straightening us out and letting us know that Jerry has managed to pull off the weekend service deal all by himself.
    Way to go Jerry- step in and take the credit while others do ALL the work!!!!

  51. Nah, no push or work from him. Jerry rode in on the Transportation Committee’s coat tails and stole the credit.
    To hear McCarthy, the Bloomfield Mayor talk – Jerry was a dog on a bone on this. My dog buries bones, it’s lucky the Transit Committee has been so dedicated.

  52. Hey jerseygurl, is there an organized group who is actively advocating better service in montclair? If so, I’d like to join the cause and help out.

  53. I think service from the Bay St. station is the first step. I’m sure if NJ Transit sees that ridership is high, it will extend to other stations. So..if you clamored for weekend train service, make sure you follow through now and take the train.

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