Montclair Police say a resident shoo’d a house burglar away in the middle of the night before he could make off with any valuables.
A resident of Elston Road returned to his home around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, September 25; about 45 minutes later, from his basement bedroom, he heard the back door open. Then he heard steps in the kitchen above him. The resident went upstairs to see what was going on, and he came face-to-face with a strange man standing in his kitchen.
The intruder, described as a light complexioned black man, 5’8″ with a tattoo on the right side of his neck wearing a purple shirt and a black/yellow cap, froze, holding on to a brown leather attache case. According to police, resident looked the intruder in the eyes, and said “please leave now.” The intruder dropped the case and left quickly out the back door, as police were called.

Police arrived on the scene within minutes, and called in K-9 units to track the scent left on the attache case. The K-9’s were not able to find the suspect.
Police noted that the burglar entered through an unlocked back door, but was stopped in his tracks before he could scoop up two watches, a cell phone, and a GPS unit – all scattered on the kitchen counter. Nothing was taken from the home.

14 replies on “Resident Confronts Burglar, Politely”

  1. Amazing! Unlocked door, again. Amazing! Please leave now? I know if that happens to me at home, the burglar would be dead from a gun shot wound. Get real folks, LOCK YOUR DOORS. Amazing.

  2. Ok Ok Ok… please stop calling this a crime wave. the bad guy gets “shoo’d” away? he didn’t even break and enter, he just entered. this is a stupidity wave. I understand that maybe someone doesn’t want to live a neighborhood where you HAVE to lock your doors, but you do. so stop wasting police time and lock your door(s).

  3. Yes, but cutting through the lattice work and removing dried fruit, hay, and a transistor radio from under a porch would constitute a crime.

  4. i realize its a crime to enter somebody’s house. but my guess is that he wouldn’t enter if he didn’t have to break the lock first. another guess is that EVERYONE knows that a lot of people in montclair don’t lock their doors and so they walk around montclair to open doors. if everyone locked their doors it MIGHT just end this “crime wave”

  5. “if everyone locked their doors it MIGHT just end this “crime wave”‘
    or, they might start breaking locks.

  6. “Please leave now”…sounds like dialogue from a Woody Allen movie, “I have a ‘gub’ pointed at you.”

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