IMG_2732.jpg I know, because my neighbor Deb Ellis and I have been doing it for several years. Sometimes we make huge kettles of tomato sauce, using extra end-of-season produce from the Farmers’ Market. Other times we make lemon verbena bread, with herbs we grow in our gardens. Around the holidays we’ve had fun making Christmas cookies together, heavy on the ginger snaps, and dividing the trays up when they cool. So when Deb invited me to take the Cooking With Friends class with her at the Adult School of Montclair two weeks ago, I was delighted to participate. (And Baristavillians may have already learned how to cook with friends if they attended this fun session in September.)

Cooking With Friends creators Alison J. Bermack and Shannon Henry understand the joy, the comfort and the delicious results of cooking together. Many of my best childhood memories include making cookies with my family on a cold night. We’d spend hours shaping our cookies as if the dough was a modeling compound–drooping giraffes, chunky little apple tarts, lopsided hearts with sticky cinnamon candies pressed into the middle–we’d create and show each other our inspired pieces.
At this particular Cooking With Friends session we made beef empanadas, chicken dumplings and cherry almond granola. Take a look at this slideshow for an inkling of the fun to be had and the delicious results.

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