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It’s baaa-ack! This time around, I’m going to be making reservations way in advance for tables during Montclair’s Restaurant Week. Last year, we enjoyed delicious prix fixe menus, and left with a few extra dollars in our pockets.
January 25 – February 7, 2010 are the dates of Montclair’s second annual restaurant week; participating restaurants will offer 3 and 4-course meals for $31 or less. Last year 44 establishments participated – Montclair Restaurant Week 2010 participation should be even bigger.
This year the sponsors are making a good event even better, with the addition of fundraising for our favorite local charities.
The Human Needs Food Pantry, Salvation Army Food Program, and Toni’s Kitchen will all benefit from a $1 per meal surcharge collected during restaurant week. Funds will be distributed by volunteers from Montclair Rotary Foundation.
Additional sponsorship is needed to make Restaurant Week 2010 another unqualified success. The organizing committee is actively seeking new volunteers. To get involved, contact for info and further details.

12 replies on “Montclair’s 2nd Annual Restaurant Week Brings Charity To The Table”

  1. “The organizing committee is actively seeking new volunteers.”
    Volunteers for what? Dishwashing? I don’t get it.

  2. the only other mention of volunteers is “Funds will be distributed by volunteers from Montclair Rotary Foundation.” Which I take to mean that Rotarians will collect the surcharge from restaurant owners and drive it over to the charities?
    So does the Rotary need more money collectors?
    It’s so confusing.

  3. How many people do they need to drive over the $1 bills?
    Really, can’t the restaurants in question just mail a check?
    Or are the “volunteers” to support this commercial marketing enterprise?

  4. “To get involved” in what?
    Adding your restaurant to the list?
    Collecting donations?
    It IS confusing.

  5. Hi and please let me clarify if there are questions as to what we need volunteers for. There’s a lot of work involved in pulling Restaurant Week together, and the various Restaurant Week committees could use some assistance.
    For example, we’d love some help on the Sponsorship Committee, to actively pursue sponsors. We need more people on the Marketing Committee to get the word out. And we need help reaching out to the restaurants for sign up — we actually visit each restaurant in town and drop off a sign-up sheet. Then there’s follow-up with the restaurants — making sure, for example, that we get their complete menu + pricing for the website.
    Please think about volunteering if you enjoy dining out and have some extra hours to spare.

  6. Would you people stop questioning everything and just pitch in and help make the world a better place already? Geesh.

  7. It is my imagination, or do some people who post comments on this website just look for things to ridicule and complain about? The negativity is appalling. It would appear that if one wanted more information about becoming a volunteer, the posting offered a way for you to gain that insight. I think that the Barista exists to make this community better informed and a better place to live. Negative comments posted just for the sake of finding fault certainly do not work toward that end.

  8. As I’ve said numerous times, gratuitous negative comments do nothing to make the world a better place. You bastards had better shape up, or else. I’m not kidding. I’m really pissed off about this. If you can’t get involved, if you won’t roll your sleeves up and pick up a rope and pull your share of the load, then at the very least dummy up and let the rest of us get on with it.

  9. And yet, walleroo, I have never heard of you personally manning, say, a kettle for the “Sallies.” Or working at a rescue mission such as the one which still functions in Morristown.
    I do hope, however, that Annette Batson and her guests enjoyed their apparent chomping on restaurant menus.

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