flu pig.jpgFor the first time since H1N1 vaccines were made available by the Bloomfield health department, clinics will now be open to all the public, and not just to the target groups which include infants under six months of age and pregnant women.
No appointments are needed for any of the clinics.
Following are the details of clinics to be held at the Bloomfield health department’s Nursing Division, on the lower level of the township’s municipal building:
Tuesdays : Jan. 5, 12, 19, 26
Thursdays: Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28
Time : 10am to 3pm
There will also be an open clinic for all age groups, including kids below 10 years who require a second vaccine dose, at Bloomfield High School cafeteria, as follows:
Thursday, Jan. 7: 4-7pm
Saturday, Jan. 9: 10am to 2pm
Questions? Ring the flu hotline at 973.680.4060 or the Nursing Division at 973.680.4058, or click here.
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8 replies on “Bloomfield Opens H1N1 Vaccine Clinics to All”

  1. Are you being willfully misleading, rjpitjr, or are you just stupid?
    Dangerous? According to the article you yourself provided (but which you apparently haven’t read), the vaccines were recalled because they lost potency.
    Tests reveal slight drop in potency, but not enough to require revaccination, FDA says

  2. Walleroo said ” Are you being willfully misleading, rjpitjr, or are you just stupid?”
    Though not denying that I am indeed “stupid” as though with magical inspiration you were able to point out. Sadly, I wasn’t making a direct connection from the recall article to the dangers of the vaccine. I simply wanted to let people know of the recall. The dangers of the drug and my comments on fear were indeed my own editorial ravings to which one could imagine you didn’t enjoy.
    C’est la vie

  3. If I get this vaccine will it make Mayor McCarthy and Town Council person Ruane go away?
    After all, they are Bloomfield’s swine and we should all be inoculated against them!

  4. W’roo….Calling people stupid? I guess the Holiday ceasefire is officially over or you’re having a bad day.

  5. I agree partially with Walleroo. Saying “a vaccine that is this dangerous seems like an act chosen out of FEAR” is itself fear mongering and seems like misguided vaccine hysteria from yet another person.
    And how does the fact that it last 10 days in a system have any impact of its potential for damage? I wouldn’t call it stupidity, I would call for some biological education.

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