claire-rosen-picture.jpgMontclair is home to some astonishing photographic talent–Ed Kashi, Jay Seldin, and Claire Rosen, to name three. And now, Claire Rosen, a young and truly creative and accomplished artist, has had one of her images selected as a finalist in the W photo Contest. The topic is ‘obsession’. The image that Rosen submitted is of a woman reclining on a couch, exhausted from her endless reading–she is covered with, and surrounded by, books of every size and description. It’s a lovely, evocative photo on its own, but it is especially appropriate for a photographer in a town like Montclair, where writers abound.
I was able to go online and cast my vote for this wonderful photograph. If you would like to vote too, here’s a link. And good luck to you Claire! How wonderful to be recognized by an iconic fashion journal like W!

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  1. I love this photo! Everything about it says win: the colors, the composition,the lighting, everything. Good luck, Claire.

  2. Claire is really amazing…I covered her Opening Reception, which included this work and many more, at Gallery 51…she actually had two shows there in the past year.
    When I chatted with her about the above work, she said it was very real, in that she really reads a great deal..look to see some of the titles, books she enjoyed the most….I tried to air this on my show, along with another Art Opening, but the station didn’t want to have it aired.
    Good Luck Claire

  3. Claire Rosen is an exceptional artist, photographer and person. The photography work of Claire exemplifies her talent, life experience, and artistic creative nature. She is at the forefront of today’s modern photography movement. Her works are collected by art collectors, enthusiast, and Art Curators. Her work may one day be a prominant part of Museums, and she’s very capable of super stardom!

  4. Yeah Fran, it’s a shame…the station is no longer interested in airing shows about Art and Music produced by the public…I tried to put on a special show about The Montclair Jazz Project with a partnership with Studio Montclair..a great show held at the Library in Nov. and the show was pulled off…they don’t like programs produced by the public any more, it has to be one of their own programs…I’m going to keep on trying however – it’s been over 13 years I’ve been producing shows, and I’m a hard guy to kill.

  5. Wayne….So much for “public” access. You might want to try GR’s channel 36. Not much happening there except for council meetings and church services. Mix in a few GR interviews and events and you might have a new venue.

  6. Good thought Paz…Montclair has been calling their station – a Government Access station, they seemed to have dropped the Public part…it should be PEG, Public, Education and Public.
    There are shows , from what I could tell, produced by the town, county, and the station itself…it seems most independently produced shows have vanished.
    I’ll keep on producing programs, and perhaps they may get on….I’ve been looking into other towns, as you mentioned, and most seemed thrilled to have a show produced on their town events/activities,by an independent producer..I’ll keep all posted.

  7. Well deserved–I just cast my vote! I was stunned by Claire’s work when I first saw it at Gallery 51 on Church Street, and have been keeping an eye on her career since then. I am hoping one day I’ll be able to work with her on a fanciful album cover.
    We are fortunate to have so much talent in our midst in Baristaville, photographic and otherwise!

  8. I don’t get it. Perhaps her other work is good, but this photo is contrived–pretentious, even. I half expect to see a bottle of Absolut, or a handbag from Coach.
    I have to say I grow weary of all this self-congratulatory talk about how many writers and artists Montclair has.

  9. Walleroo, we need to continue to tell ourselves the town is “special” to avoid the cognitive dissonance we would experience if we faced the reality that we pay way too much to live in a town with really high taxes, too much crime, a struggling downtown and a town council that thinks a 3.5 mm senior center is a bargain we can’t pass up.

  10. Well, Walleroo–everyone’s entitled to his (its?) opinion.
    To JG’s point, why *would* you pay so much to live here if it weren’t for the fact there’s something resembling a cultural life in Montclair? Taxes and overall cost of living are high, the weather sucks, and, well, people in NNJ generally just aren’t that nice.
    I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in a place where there’s a dearth of artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people. I have. It’s not a lot of fun. So I’m not self-congratulatory about living among other creative people; I’m grateful.

  11. Katiebird, I was just being a wee bit sarcastic. As long as I need to work in Manhattan, this will be my home. But I really do think the some members of the current council have all the symptoms of a “shopaholic”. The photo is lovely.

  12. Well, I guess it is art.
    But throw a few empty bottles of Guinness on the floor, put some curlers in that mop, and place a few cats around the couch —
    and I’ll feel like I’m coming home from school again and yelling “Hey Ma, what’s to eat?”

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