saksIf you’ve been shopping in NYC and taken in the Rock’s Christmas tree, you’ve probably already checked out Saks Fifth Avenue‘s window display, which tells the story of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Flake – a sweet tale of a snowflake afraid of making the journey earthwards. Her landing, and the entire display, definitely resonated with my kids.
The department stores up the stakes every year for the most elaborate, eye-catching displays. For our next visit Citywards, (there’s only so much of the holiday-tourist throng we can take), it will probably be Macy’s, whose “Believe” window display tells of Virginia O’Hanlon’s letter to the New York Sun asking if Santa Claus exists, and the Sun’s famous reply.
Which window display is your favorite this year?

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One reply on “Of Window Displays and Some Shopping, Too”

  1. I got a chance to stroll 5th Avenue on an unusually warm day 2 weeks ago.
    As a former window dresser, I am always in awe of the talented artisans!! I never miss a visit to Bergdorf’s and Barney’s. To me they are the best!
    Did you see the jeweled Polar bears at Bergdorf’s —not to be missed!

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