Congratulations to Amy Edelman, author of “Manless in Montclair,” and a new publishing entrepreneur, for her write-up in New Jersey Monthly. Edelman has created a business indiereader.com that makes self-publishing sexy.
And while we’re giving out virtual high-fives, there’s a local kid musician who’ll be getting a lot of attention – at the Grammy’s. Read about it on Barista Kids.

8 replies on “Baristaville’s New Indie Publisher”

  1. Wasn’t “Amy” an early brush with fame for Vince Gill? He certainly seemed to get much better as a singer after he left PPL.

  2. I believe that “Amy” was released in 1972 on “Bustin’ Out,” as per MB’s post above. Vince Gill joined a later version of the PPL band in 1978 or so. I suspect that he also recorded a version of it. Nice song.

  3. When my daughter was a toddler, she would sit with me once in a while when I cranked up the stereo. Her favorite tunes were “Hey, Me!” by Pure Prairie League, and “Ducks in the Wind” by Kansas. To this day, I still kid her about “Ducks in the Wind.”

  4. How bout the song on the Amy album called “I’ll fix your flat tire Merle”….”i’ll fix your flat tire Merle, don’t get your guitar pickin fingers all covered with ‘earl'”. classic stoner song from the old days.

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