Police and prosecutors have not yet released the name of a Fairfield police officer who was shot a block away from police headquarters on his way to work tonight. The officer, who was shot in the abdomen and the chest, was airlifted to University Hospital, where he was reported to be in critical condition. Police are looking for a black Dodge Magnum in connection with the shooting. More information on NJ.com and MyFoxNY.

4 replies on “Fairfield Policeman Shot Going to Work”

  1. /rt 46 was crazy tonight. there must have been 25 cops from 3 towns scrambling. I think there was something else going on too, because fire trucks and reports of smoke were also talked about among customers @ AShley Furniture! Rumors that a plane crashed???

  2. When we were coming home we saw the cops on Fairfield Road near Hollywood Ave. Found out later it was due to the cop getting shot. There was also what loooked like a big fire at the Pio Costa Industrial Park just west of there. They had the trucks with the extension booms working on it from above.

  3. No, there wasn’t a plane crash. There WAS a fire at Pio Costa, and it must’ve started right around the same time as the shooting; my hubby was listening to scanner frequencies after fire trucks went screaming down our street (W Caldwell/Fairfield border) and heard all the local police going nuts about it. We went out to eat at Charlie Brown’s in Fairfield, and it was a West Caldwell police car (not Fairfield) helping to block traffic on Fairfield Ave right outside the restaurant. Channel 5 was camped out waiting to do their report.
    Last we heard, the police officer was still hanging on. Hope he makes it.

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