smile.jpgNext week, Friday, February 5, is Give Kids a Smile Day. Since starting in 2003, The New Jersey Dental Association has given almost $2.4 million in free dental services to children. Give Kids a Smile Day is meant to help the 1/3 of children in the U.S. with no dental insurance and to teach good dental hygiene.
Give Kids a Smile Day
Who: Children ages 12 and under who aren’t covered by dental insurance.
What: An annual day to help families provide dental care for their children.
Kindersmile Foundation, Upper Montclair – (973) 744-7003
Mountainside Hospital, Montclair – (973) 429-6887
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark – (973) 926-7642
UMDNJ-NJ Dental School, Newark – (973) 972-4710
When: Friday, February 5. All visits are by appointment ONLY.
Cost: Free. Download the parental consent form here.
I’m not sure if kids will smile sitting in the dental chair, but I know the free care will put a smile on parents’ faces.

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